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Wird es eine road to wrestlemania mit den colons geben?hab das mal irgendwo gehört

Frage gestellt am 07. Oktober 2009 um 21:11 von gelöschter User

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LEGACY 23 braucht jetzt keiner noch was zu schreiben

Antwort #1, 07. Oktober 2009 um 21:33 von Legacy_23

du hast hier garnix zu melden legacy 23

Antwort #2, 07. Oktober 2009 um 22:14 von schalkekai

dieser dangerkid hat das mal gesagt !

Antwort #3, 07. Oktober 2009 um 22:11 von Messi-19

ja es wird es geben maneche denken das ist falsch aber das es wird die colons geben

Antwort #4, 07. Oktober 2009 um 22:12 von dangerkid

dann müsstest du es auch mit einem Link beweisen sonst ist das nur wieder dummes Gerede

Antwort #5, 07. Oktober 2009 um 22:22 von stunnerstar

ja wollte ich auch sagen, ein Link bitte ^^

Antwort #6, 07. Oktober 2009 um 22:54 von Messi-19

Naja, könnt ihr bweiesen dass es ihn NICHT gibt?

Antwort #7, 08. Oktober 2009 um 15:48 von Ottermann

dummste ant. die es geben kunnte jetzt wissen wir das du kein link hast weil du so dumm ant.

Antwort #8, 08. Oktober 2009 um 15:46 von Legacy_23

When the SmackDown general manager position is opened up by Mr. McMahon, Edge manipulates things so that his girlfriend, WWE Diva Maria, is installed at the position. With the GM in his pocket, the ultimate opportunist begins wreaking havoc in the ring and backstage, much to the chagrin of Mr. Kennedy.

Randy Orton
The Legend Killer forms an early alliance with his familiar posse--Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes--and begins a feud with two of the biggest, baddest superstars around: The Undertaker and Kane. At one point, Orton battles it out with The Undertaker in a hell-in-a-cell match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Mickie James
The first Road to WrestleMania Diva storyline features Mickie refusing to take part in a bikini contest (boo!). When Maryse steps into the ring and threatens her, Mickie gives her a slap (yay!), and it's on. With appearances by such WWE Divas as Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, and Natalya, as well as a Diva Rumble during the Royal Rumble, this one is the best-looking storylines (at least in terms of competitors) of them all.

Triple H/John Cena
Mr. McMahon is looking to set up a cross-brand rivalry between Raw and SmackDown! by pitting its two champions against one another. You can play this storyline solo or try it with a friend. One person will play as The Game and the other as John Cena with the pair looking to take on the combined forces of Chris Jericho and MVP. The Miz and John Morrison also make an appearance in this storyline, offering their unique analysis on Cena and Triple H via The Dirt Sheet.

Shawn Michaels
The Heartbreak Kid forms an early alliance with CM Punk, while JBL and Randy Orton look to test the wrestler known as Mr. WrestleMania. If you think "Sweet Chin Music" will be played multiple times, you're absolutely right.

Created Wrestler
As with all the other Road to WrestleMania storylines, the story featuring your created wrestler is fully voice acted (you'll choose a voice for your wrestler when you create him). Early on in the CAW storyline, you'll face off against the one and only Santino, who calls you out as you're watching one of his matches in the audience. After teaching Santino a lesson in the ring, your goal becomes not just to keep the Intercontinental belt you won, but also to earn an actual legitimate contract in the WWE. But Mr. McMahon will have a thing or two to say about that...

Das sind alle!

Antwort #9, 08. Oktober 2009 um 15:58 von Dennisgwe

ja wenn das kein beweis ist dann weis ich auch nicht weiter

Antwort #10, 08. Oktober 2009 um 15:55 von Legacy_23

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