brauche hilfe zur Instala dieser mod (Fallout 3)

Es ist ein mod womit man seine Waffen modifiezieren kann zB. Kolben dranklatschen oder Zilfernrohr ,schalldämpfer etc.
nur leider chekcke ich die read me nicht deshalb offe ich ihr könnt mir helfen
Hir die read me Teil 1
note 1st!. the textures will not show up on the attachments as i have them in the fallowing link "c:\documents and settings\d1\desktop\3dmodels\wep attachz"

note the "D1" in the username. and id bet that everyone else dont have the same user name as me so you will more than likely need to apply the textures to the models?. no problem thought as you will need to sort the textures at some point if you want to play your creations ingame :).

ok the 1st thing you need to do is get bsa unpacker.


you need it to get some fallout 3 wepon meshes or you can use the ones you already have :).

next you need to get nifskope. i use nifskope 1.0.19. you look for the latest.



lets go :D, also look at the screens if you need too. plus save as & when you can!.

once you have a fallout3 wepon "or one of your own" you open 2 nifskopes. one with your wepon in it & the other is to open the attachments.

im useing the 10mm sub in nif one. im now going to open a stock in nif 2. click on the stock & move over to the panels on your left "or where-ever you got them" "if you dont got them then up top press view & tick "block list & block details".

next right click on the "nitristrips" and select block' copy branch.

now go to the 1st nifscope with the wepon mesh & right click on the left & paste branch. "make shure you past it & it gos into the header & not underneath it?"

now you got the attachment in there you could save & walk about your game with a stock floating next to your wepon haha :p. but we aint doing magic yet.

you see the attachment, now we need to put it in place?.

very easy :). look on your left in the block details box & youl see "Translation' Rotation' & scale".

its with these you will move & turn your attachment. hell make it 3xtimes bigger than your char if you want haha.

if you look at pic 6 you will see that i have rotated my stock y-90' r90. & moved it into place :) x1.2000' y1.0000' z0.9000.

save it as "new name"

and thats all you do. you can add as many attachments you want to & then your ready to get it into the game :).

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hir ist der zweite teil

goto your fallout3 folder & go into meshes. then make a folder "my wepon. & put your new wepon in it.

next open the geck. "get it hear":

load the fallout 3 file.

now go to static, wepons, & select whatever kind of wepon you have made. ie sub goto 1handpistol. now double click the same kind of & a box will come up.

click on the edit button where it says model. it will show you a pic of a wepon aswell as other stuff?. click the edit button & go to your new folder & select your wepon then press ok to close the window.

now at the top in the id put a new name for your gun ie "1st person my gun". & press ok & select yes make new forum.

if you look in the items list you will se mygun there.

now go upto items, wepon, 1handpistol & double click the same wepon you changed before.

you see a bigger box come up.

click on the "art & sound" option. now goto the 1st person object model & press the arrow & look for your gun.

next above it press the edit button & like before goto & select your wepon.

now press the game data tab to go back to were you started from.

hear you can edit the damage your gun dose ect ect.

obce your done messing about go up top & give your wepon an new id & you can put a neme in the name bit "if you want".

once youv put the name in press enter & select ok.


now to put it some ware you can get it :)

in the little box called cell view look throo the cells till you see one you know & double click it. if it not one you know then keep doing it till you see one you reconise.

i select the megaton clinic.

once in the clinic "or where ever" look for your "mygun" in the list in items, wepons & click on it.

you will see your gun there. just drag it into the cell & place it where you want.

im place mine on the desk as you enter the clinic.

look at all the little boxes up top & youl see one that has a red ball going over the letters hk.

press it & your wepon will fall onto the ground or onto the table or whre ever you placed it.

all done :)

go upto file & press save.

enter thew name you want "mygun"

& your all done ;)... enjoy.

close the geck & start fallout3.

select the data button & select the red box with the name of your gun & then stat fallout3 & go get your gun... all done now :D

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