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Hi Leute,
kann mir einer sagen wie ich am besten den GM Award erhalte, ich plage mich schon ewig rum und bin jetzt in der 2ten Saison, hab 47% fertig und kaum noch kohle.
Ich hätte so gerne den Erfolg aber langsam gehts mir tierisch auf den Kecks gibts da vielleicht auch ne einfache Lösung an den Erfolg zu kommen?
Grüß Capitan

Frage gestellt am 09. April 2008 um 18:24 von Capitan

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ja gibt es du musst die Kämpfe so blanen das du die neisten fans bekommst.

Antwort #1, 16. April 2008 um 13:46 von Maicel

Blödsinn! Da hier niemand geholfen hat hab ich weiter gesucht und lasst es mich so sagen, es gibt einen Guide mit dem schafft man den GM Mode in ~45 min (bischen mehr wie eine Season)
ich hab meine 1000G jetzt :P

Antwort #2, 18. April 2008 um 09:59 von Capitan

hey Capitan,
kannst Du mir sagen wo man diese Guide findet? Oder wie man den GM Mode schafft? Ich habe das Selbe Problem wie Du...
Ich hätte gerne geantwortet,aber ich weiß die Lösung ja selbst nicht...

Antwort #3, 18. April 2008 um 16:59 von gelöschter User

Da ich ein extrem netter Mensch bin poste ich hier den Guide einfach mal rein, ist leider Englisch aber funktioniert einwandfrei, aber einzige Änderung an dem Guide, wenn man will das ECW und SD nicht so stark werden sollte man vor beginn der Season 25 CAWs (Create a Wrestler) erstellen und alle Superstars bis auf die CAWs aus dem Roster nehmen und selber keinen Superstar für den eigenen Roster wählen, danach dann in der ersten Woche Shawn Michaels und Rey aktiv schalten und eine Woche warten, dann kann man sie in der freien Agentur wählen.

Sieht so aus als müsste ich den Guide splitten, da er sonst zu Groß ist, ansonsten schick ich ihn dir per PM

Antwort #4, 18. April 2008 um 22:55 von Capitan

Und nun zum Guide von Matt_Geez2003uk
I hear you cry that this will take forever. It actually took me a maximum of 3 hours. Amazing really. The good thing is once you hit the 100% at the top you have it. So when do you get it? Well I got mine one week after WM i have heard it took longer for others but it is the quickest way to unlock the achievment. Which is not too bad to be honest, and with the simple steps matt has set up it really must be up there as an easy achievement.

First up, controller plugged in, WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 in the tray, then lets go get you these points!

So how this guide will work is simple bullet points. and I also have rambled on too much here.

* Click 24/7 Mode
* New
* Play as WWE General Manager
* Pick Raw (Cause they get first pick) Well sometimes.
* Draft new rosters
* Pick Shawn Michaels & Rey Mysterio.

No on this part you may find that another show will take one of these. I did it with these guys so I just back out untill I have signed up both wrestlers (I done year contract) seriously money will not be an issue here!

* Once you have both stars hit continue
* (Are you sure you want to leave the draft?) pick YES
* Clean/Dirty Turn - Shawn Michales change to Dirty
* Set Champions - one as wwe Champion, and one as intercontinental
* Accept! Yes proceed!

So first part is done. Now this part is simple. Yet there have been some miss comunications so follow closely,

Skip the cinematic. Cause no one cares, we just want these points.

* Click Laptop
* Click Options
* Difficulty = legend
* Click Play options
* Play Options = scroll through to re-run
* Injuries = OFF
* Save - just incase

Okay that bits done. Next step

Ignore the phone. All you will get is the same messages every day etc from Mcmahon saying no injjuries or Jim Ross telling you to go invade other shows.

* Click Calender
* Click the first day (1st April) RAW
* Match 1 = Table match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue
* Match 2 = Ladder match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue
* Match 3 = Hardcore Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue
* Match 4 = Intercontinental Title = TLC Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue
* Main Event = WWE Championship = Steel Cage Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue

Now I know Matt said to put promos in, but I did this for the first Raw and as I was going through with simming each week I didn't realsie I had to put these in. So I suppose you could put these in. But you will have to do it EVERY week. But you don't need too, to get the achievement.

* Promo 1 = Interview Space = HBK
* Promo 2 = Interview Space = Rey Mysterio

* Hit Confirm
* (You are about to advance to the show. All Decisions Will be Locked. Proceed?) YES
* At the bottom you now see Y Simulate All - Press your Y button.
* "Simulate results for all matches" YES

Antwort #5, 18. April 2008 um 22:56 von Capitan

So the whole card has been simmed. Wanna see whos won. To be honest, the longer you sit around seeing who won the cage or ladder match the longer this achevement will take. So lets continue on.

* Hit confirm at the bottom of the finished card
* This will take you back to the desk.
* Click calender
* As you see the day is the day after Raw (in this case the 2nd of April)
* Click on that date
* Skill Improvement
* Scroll right 3 to Fan Favorite Training
* Click A
* Now you see you have plenty of choice. Pick Rey Mysterio
* This will calculate. As you can see its a success.
* Click A
* This will take you back to the desk
* Click Calender again
* Today is Wednesday the 3rd. Click A
* Skill Improvemnent
* Scroll right 4 to Fan Heat Training
* Click A
* Now surprisingly plenty of choice again. Pick Shawn Michaels.
* Again this will result in success. Click A to go back to the desk.

Now I am not going to repeat myself here. But you can clearly see the pattern.

Monday = Raw
Tuesday = Fan Favourite Training
Wednesday = Fan Heat Training
Thursday = Fan Favourite Training
Friday = Fan Heat Training

Antwort #6, 18. April 2008 um 22:57 von Capitan

Simple really. So this takes us to Saturday. Scroll through to the following Monday (This case it is the 8th)

* Click Raw Monday 8th
* "Are you sure you want to simulate the days up to this date" YES

So as you can see in the corner it reads 2% This bar does go up gradually to start with. And if your curious is based on the facts in the "progress report" of the laptop. This lists loads and loads of things which if you check will go up. Due to the fact you card is generating 4 star matches you will easily hit 10 million cash. But don't be worried that it is going up slow. Like I said I got this ahceivement by Week 2 January. So let me run you through this Raw and I will give you another tip I didn't realise that might help you get it quicker than I did.

* Click Today (Raw 8th)
* As you can see your matchups are already set up from last week. It is a complete re-run! (apart from the promos which you can add in if you want)
* So click confirm at the bottom
* "You are about to advance to the show. All decisions will be locked. Proceed?" YES
* Again hit the simulate Y button
* "simulate results for all matches?" YES
* Matches are simmed. Confim at the bottom to finish the Raw Event
* Back to the GM desk.

Now here we repeat the Skill Improvement steps again. Its that Simple. So continue this all the way through and you will get the achievement easily in no time!

As you can see from the fan support Raw is already up by 200,000. You will have PPV's were you do lose some, but just keep at it and your bar at the top like mine will go from 66% to 94% in one month!
Slickster of Style

First thing I used was when it came to the PPV. You will have the same set up as Raw. Change the main event to Hell In A Cell. 5 Star easy!

Second - Rivalry's - These are on the GM desk under magazines. Click on these and it is easy to see. The first one I used was "Legend Killer" I put this on for 13 weeks (As you may see there is a mark for this in the Progress Report) Let it go and then start another. By the time I got the the other one though I had enough money to buy another.
You can buy more from the storyline writers which is in the same menu as rivalrys. I picked Chirs Folino who has the undisputed Champion. It works well when you have two people in your brand both with a title! and is also a 5 star story!

So hoffe damit geholfen zu haben und wünsche viel Glück und Spaß mit den 350G

Liebe Grüße Capitan

Antwort #7, 18. April 2008 um 22:58 von Capitan

Ach ja und auch die Moral der Stars ausschalten ganz am Anfang!

Antwort #8, 18. April 2008 um 23:10 von Capitan

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