brauche hilfe schnell (SW Battlefront 2 (2005))

ich habe ein problem
ich will unbedibgt battlefront xtreme haben ich hatte
nur normale version von battlefront 2
habe auf moddb convopack 2.0 gedownloadet und den patch
ich möchte aber auf comon era a+b spielen
danke im vorraus

Frage gestellt am 12. November 2010 um 16:24 von ibonator

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den extreme mod musst du extre downloaden
also von der seite habs ich und es funktioniert einwandfrei:

dann installieren und losspielen
(geht auch im multiplayer)

Antwort #1, 12. November 2010 um 17:16 von Darth_Vader_1

was kan dieser xtreme den so?

Antwort #2, 12. November 2010 um 18:04 von 66p9

To start off with the praises - and it's not hard to find something good. This is a really nice job. It's a comprehensive overhaul of four different sides, no small task to be sure, whether or not they end up being fun to play. Which is, of course, not to say that they aren't, because ARC_Commander's second achievement is on par with his first, in that his new sides are, by-and-large, pretty darn fun.

The best upgrade from version 1.0, in my opinion, was the movement away from one or two extremely overpowering units per side (for example, the Dark Trooper in 1.0) to a more balanced-across-the-side unit setup. This makes for a much more fun experience when trying out the new sides. Of course, I would be neglectful should I forget to mention that a great deal of content was added from version 1.0, too.

It's nice to see BFX as a standalone era, too. While I certainly liked its original form, as it was, it was simply a sides mod and frankly, I've yet to see the sides mod that's so good it made me want to lose online compatibility or trade for the (usually-balanced) gameplay of the original sides. Thankfully, that choice is no longer an issue. With this version, BFX is fully compatible with online play as well as the Conversion Pack, so mod hunters out there won't have to pick and choose.

Some of the new content I noticed was pretty neat, too. I liked, in particular, the addition of a charge effect to the force powers. It's not a big change, but it does look pretty neat. One of the other "tech-y" things I appreciated was the addition of a deflect state to the various states of the melee combo (i.e. you deflect while attacking).

The complaints I could give are much fewer and further between, this time around. While I'm sure I could find a bug or two if I looked really hard, at a glance, the only issues I really found were sound issues. I noticed a weapon or two missing fire sounds, and then I noticed a bizarre issue where certain sounds seem to repeat very quickly over and over. Not sure what to make of that last one; I've never seen it before. Your experience may, of course, vary.

I also wasn't a huge fan of the changes made to space battles or the charged-up grenades, but that's just one man's opinion.

Anyway, definitely a good mod and definitely worth a download. With the files compressed, it's not a huge download, and I'm sure it'll be hours of fun for many people. Give it a shot!

Antwort #3, 12. November 2010 um 19:32 von Nynthell

Dieses Video zu SW Battlefront 2 (2005) schon gesehen?
wenn du des verstehst glaube ich muss ich nix mehr sagen

Antwort #4, 12. November 2010 um 20:51 von Darth_Vader_1

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