gitb es ein jutsus das juin als auch fuin ist? (Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Storm 2)

hat sasuke in storm 2 amaterasu und susanno drauf?

echte frage: ich zitiere kakashifan:I have seen all the Naruto episodes NOT a miss! and there is far too much evidence that tobi is NOT Obito and Madara! 1. he has both eyes 2. In the fight against Konan he TOOK OFF the mask 3. He introduces himself as Madara 4. He knows so much about the past of ITS (Madaras past) it can only be Madara 5. Kisame has already confirmed 6. he only used the jutsu madara can 7. Obito would never attack Konoha 8. He would behave differently from Kakashi! He also has worn the mask so no one should know that he is Madara!

Especially against Itachi, he wanted to keep it a secret!

And now he wears it so as the Rinnegan that he also has not used up so much chakra

In addition, Obito is dead! He himself has said he can see his right side and he was then no longer Completely restructured CRUSHED!
Tobi is Madara

has been proven many times over!

Even now in the manga again

he has a clone that looks like the first Hokage and asked him what Zetsu and Madara will explain to him the time he was at the fight, could get a piece from the first Hokage!

Madara has fought against the Hokage

NOT Obito!

Frage gestellt am 01. Mai 2011 um 16:36 von Shinigami-Reaper

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8)He did in chapter 487.Not to mention Kabuto didn't summon Obito using edo tensei, to mess with kakashi in the ninja war like he did with everyone else,Instead Kakashi fought Zabuza again.I can point more proof that Tobi is more Obito than anyone else but i'm not making no guarantees ,on that but i can guarantee that Tobi is not Madara.Hopefully they can get this over with.
(5) Kisame called him Mizukage, before that Tobi,he didn't start calling him Madara till he told him to.(Zestu still calls him Tobi).That's a Big clue right

(6)Nobody knows how Madara fight,since they cut the scene when he and Hashirama fought,so we didn't get to see them fight.

(7) How do you know for sure,Orochimaru,Sasuke,the whole uchiha clan(almost)etc...anyone can change,U can't chose who U want to change or not.
1) Implanted eye(another users sharingan)

(2)u started off lying,He didn't took off his mask. In the fight against Konan half of his mask was blown off by Konan's justu,(along with his arm,again).

(3)That is true even thro (his mask was on which means he's lying).

(4) People can lie,or tell half truths (most of the people does it in the Naruto universe).
Also he told all the Kages he's Madara yet keep the mask on,that right there should tell you somethings not right.I mean seriously Do you fully believe him?

Antwort #1, 01. Mai 2011 um 16:37 von Shinigami-Reaper

Ich weiß ja nicht was das jetzt werden soll, wenn es fertig ist aber es steht sogar in den Shriften des Sha WORTWÖRTLICH drinn das Tobi Madara ist!

Antwort #2, 01. Mai 2011 um 17:16 von Kakashifan073

why English?

Antwort #3, 01. Mai 2011 um 17:21 von DB_Bowser

Dieses Video zu Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 schon gesehen?
das frage ich mich auch, warum hast du es übersetzt?
Ich habe es auf Deutsch geschrieben...

Antwort #4, 01. Mai 2011 um 17:22 von Kakashifan073

wie auch immer Tobi ist Madara und Obito ist tod

Antwort #5, 01. Mai 2011 um 17:23 von Kakashifan073

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