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kann ich mir den swat4 patch für die version 1.1 holen?

Frage gestellt am 29. Juni 2008 um 14:55 von 33r2

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ich hab mir das gold-paket gekauft...da war der dabei aber so kp.also ich würd ma sagen du holtst dir die erweiterung i-wo im laden

Antwort #1, 01. Juli 2008 um 22:38 von gelöschter User

hier kannst es downloaden geht ganz schnell

Antwort #2, 27. Juli 2008 um 19:31 von gotho


Antwort #3, 28. Juli 2008 um 20:02 von 33r2

Schonmal was von "Google" gehört?

Antwort #4, 15. August 2008 um 18:55 von Gamer114

Hey wozu ist dieser Patch? bin mir nicht sicher ob ich ihn mir holen soll? Was bringt der Patch?

Antwort #5, 12. Oktober 2008 um 13:17 von 619Rambo619

Der Patch verbessert das Spiel (wie jeder Patch). Hol ihn dir auf jeden Fall.

Was der Patch genau verändert:

Patch Notes - Changes made With Patch (1.1)

* Added multi-player versions of 3 single-player missions
- MP-ConvenienceStore
- MP-Hotel
- MP-JewelryHeist

* Added the SWAT 4 SDK, available as 'SWAT4_SDK.zip' in the SWAT 4 installation directory (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SDK IS NOT SUPPORTED!)

* Added Massive Streaming Ad Support

* Fixes for several exploits
- Fixed UMP .45 JHP ammunition to have correct ballistics properties
- ToggleBehindView console command no longer works in multiplayer
- Fixed potential wallhack exploit
- Fixed recoil negation keybinding exploit
- Fixed exploit that allowed players to make themselves appear to be arrested

* Improved validation for game content (INI files and binary packages)

* Fixed crash in FD3DTexture::Cache

* Fixed problem where kicking by ID would kick the wrong person

* Fixed problem where player IDs would not display in the GUI in co-op games.

* Admins can now set up to 256 IP Policies (i.e., for banning players) instead of the previous limit of 50.

* Fixed problem where servers with 16/16 players would still show up when "Filter out full servers" was enabled

* Fixed problem where incorrect server information would be returned when ping filtering was enabled

* Fixed problem where only Rapid Deployment games would be returned when filtering servers for the Co-op game type

* Fixed several issues related to language localization
- Fixed issue with character not appearing in Russian localized SKU
- Fixed cases where some game strings were localized preventing them from being properly translated in some regions

* Fixed issue where server password characters were restricted in then password popup dialog but not in the server setup page. Server password characters are now completely unrestricted.

* Fixed problem where if you switch from Internet to LAN during a server browser refresh some Internet servers would show up in the LAN listing

* Fixed a problem where equipment selection would not work correctly in certain situations

* Fixed problem where if your voice type was set to Random it would change in-game every time you pressed the o, m, or b keys

* Removed unused network uplink code that was not necessary but would cause problems when enabled in INI files

* Fixed problems with mirrors in the MP-Hotel map

* Functionality added for Intel 915G/945G cards for SWAT 4

* Increased default timeout for clients when reconnecting to a server. This should reduce the likelihood of users being disconnected during map changes due to long load times on older machines and some hardware configurations.

* Small load time improvement

Dowloaden kannst du ihn da: http://www.4players.de/4players.php/download_in...

Antwort #6, 12. Oktober 2008 um 14:07 von Gamer114

aso ok dankeschön :D

Antwort #7, 12. Oktober 2008 um 16:12 von 619Rambo619

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