Wii "a piece of shit"?: Hecker entschuldigt sich

von Richard Olbrecht (09. März 2007)

Nachdem der EA und Maxis Spiele Entwickler Chris Hecker am gestrigen Tag die Wii als, so wörtlich übersetzt, "ein Stück Scheiße" bezeichnet hatte, entschuldigte er sich heute offiziell mit einer kurzen Ansprache bei Nintendo, sowie der gesamten Gemeinschaft der Spielefans.

Nachfolgend findet ihr noch seine Rede: "I don't know who has read the internet, yesterday. In a [unintelligible] panel I said a bunch of things. I was trying to be thought provoking and entertaining and fun and a lot of the stuff went too far over the top—on the entertaining and fun side, so that it was no longer thought provoking, just inflammatory. And in the process I hurt a bunch of people I care about. And so, I want to apologize now.

When I'm on stage, I'm me. I'm talking talk from me. From me. I'm not representing EA or Maxis.

I want to make two things perfectly clear.

I do not think the Wii is a piece of shit. Nintendo needs to be applauded for trying to interface on the controller front, the user interface front, on making games accessible, on making a console that you don't need to mortgage your house to afford.

Secondly, it's totally obvious—and I'm sorry that I implied otherwise—that everyone at Nintendo is passionate at making great games. Some of the games give me hope that we will be seen as an art form on par with movies and books."

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