Metropolismania: Lösungen der Rätsel

Lösungen der Rätsel

von: Aquania / 02.09.2003 um 18:07

Rätsellösungen - Im Spiel gibt es sogenannte "Riddler". Hier sind einige der Rätselfragen mit den Antworten darauf.

What fish is famous? - STARFISH

What breaks if you say anything? - SILENCE

What has a head but no brain? - CABBAGE

What do you call a bull when it’s sleeping? - BULLDOZER

What burns without making Smoke? - LOVE

What animal sticks its tongue out to schow anger? - GORILLA

What can you break without touching it? – PROMISE

What can you catch but not throw? – COLD

What cap is never removed? – KNEECAP

What do people make that no one can ever see? – NOISE

What do you have to break to use? – EGGS

What gets wet when drying? – TOWEL

What goes around houses and looks in every window? – LIGHT

What has a strong bone structure and moves quickly, but cannot stand up and walk? – FISH

What has eyes, but cannot see? – POTATOES

What is black when you buy it, turns red when you use it, and becomes gray when you throw it away? – CHARCOAL

What is it that looks different depending on who looks at it? – MIRROR

What is coming but never arrives? – TOMORROW

What is never seen but often changes? – WIND

What is right in front of your eyes, but you can’t see it? – EYELIDS

What large musical instrument do you have in your ears? – DRUMS

What runs but never walks? – WATER

What shrinks as it gets older? – LIFE

Where do Chinese Gooseberries come from? – NEW ZEALAND

How can you say “rabbit” without using the letter “R”? – BUNNY

How many teeth do adult humans have? – 32

How much soil is there in a hole measuring one meter by one meter? – NONE

If a band plays music in a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit? – CONDUCTOR

If there are 6 apples and you take away 4, how many do you have? – FOUR

It’s job is to cross the river but it keeps sitting day and night? – BRIDGE

The more you crack it, the more people like you? - SMILE

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