Komplettlösung Conkers Pocket Tales

Chapter One - THE FOREST - Present #1

You start out in Conker's House. You go left to pick up a conker and an acorn. Then go down to exit. Dig (with select) in the patch of dirt to the left of his house. You'll come out inside a fence where you can grab a present. Dig again and you'll go back out.

SUPERTIP: Remember to save your game often, about every minute or two!

THE FOREST - Present #2

Then go to the other patch of dirt south of his house. Dig there and you'll come out on the other side of the fence that was blocking your path out. Go south to the path and take a right turn. Follow the path and when you reach the fork, go south. Keep following the path you're on and don't take the other fork. The path looks like steps, so climb them and follow the path. When you reach the sign, don't take the time to read it... just keep going. Take the north path and follow the steps up and to the left. You should find the forest guardian's house. Enter it and go to the room on the right. Talk to the forest guardian. He'll tell you to grab the key and present. They'll only appear after you've talked to him, so don't worry if they aren't there right when you come in.

THE FOREST - Present #3

Exit the forest guardian's house and follow the path that looks like steps down. That will lead you to a fork. Take a left and go back down the path that looks like steps. At the bottom you'll come to the fork again. TAke a left and head north. Keep going north, going right past the path that led from Conker's house here. Go left and watch out for mushroom guys. Turn north at the fork and follow the steps up and to the right, straight in to the windmill. Don't worry about the acorn person in the house. Go to the room on the right and here you'll find your first block puzzle.

Instructions for Block Puzzle

Push A and the direction (with the arrows on the left of the control pad) that you want the block to go.

Push the bottom white block to the left against the green block. Then push the block up right into the hole. Lastly, push the other white block up into the hole. Then the door will open. Go up there to find your present.

THE FOREST - Present #4

Take the top door from where you are. (It opens after you collect the present.) When you are through the door, go through the next door on the bottom and you'll find a slingshot. Grab it and find your way back the beginning of the windmill by going in reverse order through the doors you've travelled through. When you come back to the beginning door, go out and you'll come out outside. Go back the way you came from, back to the forest guardian's house. (Follow the path in reverse.)

Instructions for Slingshot

Hit B to fire. Make sure you don't run out of Conkers. (Look at the bottom right corner to see how many Conkers you have left.)

Once you're back to the forest guardian's house, go right until you find the forest guardian. Talk to him and he'll give you a game to play... your first mini-game.

Instructions for First Mini-Game

Hit B to fire. Steer your cursor around with the control pad and fire when it's right on the target that is standing up. If it falls down, you need to hit an extra target to win. (That happens everytime a target falls down.) It shows on the bottom of the screen your remaining time and remaining targets. Once you finally hit them all in one try, go back out the exit but don't go out the fence. Look up and grab your present!

THE FOREST - Present #5

Get ready for the spooky woods! Go up into the scary-looking trees. At the sign, take a right and keep going right. Shoot all the enemies that you see with your slingshot. Go left, not up. When you reach a dead end (a tree in your way), head up. You can't beat the ant in your way so just run up and to the left before he hits you. Go left. There you'll find a house with two doors. Enter either one. Inside are two more doors. Take the one on the left and then talk to the person. He'll throw a key on the floor for you to grab. Then return to the room on right and take the top door. Grab your present in the room.

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Conkers Pocket Tales

Conkers Pocket Tales
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