VULTUREVILLE - Present #2: Komplettlösung Conkers Pocket Tales


There should be a switch puzzle Hit fs top left first, then bottom right, top right and lastly bottom left. Exit back out the left door. There are tons of conkers and acorns. Go through the right fence. Follow the yellow path that leads you to a sign that says Vultureville. Check out the hotel first. Talk to the acorn and he'll tell you to see the undertaker. First you'll want to explore. Go to the top right corner of the room. Enter the door. Stomp the mouse if you want. Go back and exit the hotel. To go the undertakers, go past Smithy's. Enter the Undertaker's building right of Smithy's. Make your way to the top door. It leads out. Follow the yellow path to the ladder and keep following the yellow path. Go between all the treesor to the right of them and you'll find a "stonehenge" structure. At the top right corner you'll find a key. Go to the house on the top left corner. Talk to the acorn in the house. He'll give you a present. Grab it.


Another acorn will appear. He'll put you in jail. To get out you'll have to solve the switch puzzle in this order... top right, bottom right, bottom left, top left. After you get it, exit the cell and go right and enter the next cell. The order for this cell's switch puzzle is ... top left, bottom left, bottom right, middle, top right. Next go right to the next cell and enter it. This cell has six switehes. Heres the order BL, BM, BR, TM, TL, TR. Exit out and run down the pathway. Run left through the two doors. Speak to the acorn. He'll ask you to go the bank and give you a present. Grab it!


The bank is two buildings below Smithy's. Once your in there, talk to the acorn. Run up through the hole and talk to the second acorn. Time for a mini-game.

Instructions for second mini-game.

Hit left and right to steer Conker. Try not to get hit by Honker's shots. The number of red lines on the bottom of the screen shows how many hits you have left. The blue lines show his energy level, just like the red shows yours. Hit A to fire and B to duck. He can't shoot at him or be hit while you're ducking. You don't need to hold B to stay ducked. Hit B again to get to normal position.

After you beat him, you'll receive a present. Grab it.


Get out of the bank and find the Sheriff's House. It's one building left of and one building above the bank. Talk to the person inside then exit again. Go to the bottom right corner of the course. You'll find a sign that says VV. Go past the sign but don't cross the bridge. Go right until you find some teepees. Enter whichever one you want and talk to the acorn inside. Then exit the teepee. Take the bridge and go left. You should find a house that says pan for gold. Enter it and go to the far left room and talk to the acorn inside. Exit. Then go back into VV the same way you came. Find Smithy's (one building right of the Sheriff's). Enter Smithy's and go to the top. There should be a person there. It's Smithy! Talk to him and then look for Dusty's. It's one building left and one below the bank. First defeat the bat by shooting him with a slingshot. Then talk to Dusty. He'll give you a tankard. Then go back to Smithy's and he'll melt the tankard down into a pan. Grab the pan and the present (it only appears after you get the pan) by the door before you leave.


Exit Smithy's and go out of Vultureville. Go down the bridge and left to get to the gold-panning area. Go the far left area and talk to the acorn again. He'll say that you're ready for mini-game number 3.

Instructions for third mini-game.

Hit left and right to steer your pan to a nugget. Hit A or B to grab a nugget. Then push left-right, left-right, left-right, etc. to shake it. When you see the bag at the bottom of the screen, that means you've got a gold nugget. The more bags you have, the more gold you have. You need to fill up the bottom black part of the screen all the way to win. You'll also see a timer on the bottom right that shows you how much time you have left. Once you've filled up the bottom of the screen, grab the gold and exit the house.

Go right and back to the bridge. Go up the bridge but don't go into VV. Take a right and go back to the teepees. Enter any of them and talk to the acorn inside. Exit the teepee and go to the top. There should be a ladder. Climb it. At the end of the ladder you'll find a present!

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Conkers Pocket Tales

Conkers Pocket Tales
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