VULTUREVILLE - Present #7: Komplettlösung Conkers Pocket Tales


Keep going up watching out for walking cacti. If you find another ladder, climb it and you should find the evil acorn. Get ready for Luxo and Sol, two serious, mean, angry, tough bosses.

Instructions for battle vs. Luxo and Sol

They'll fly around trying to hit you. Always keep an eye out for them. Don't try to hit them while they are moving... it's wasting ammo. It takes four hits on one bird and five on the other. Use the slingshot by pushing the B button. Good luck!

Once you've beaten them, there should be a present and a diving mask. Make sure you grab both items.


Go down the two ladders you came from and then find your way back to the bridge that leads to Vultureville. Don't go across it. Dive into the water. Hit select to dive in a dark area. There should be an invite on one side and a present on the other side. Swim to both and get both items.

KROW KEEP - Present #1

Exit out the top of VV and cross the bridge. Follow the yellow path and exit out of the fence. Then go right and enter the barn. Go up to the top room and enter the door there. You should be at the switch puzzle. Go in the top door and then the left door, and then the bottom door, and then the bottom door again to get outside. Dive into the river below you and go left. Keep following the river. Once in the lake, dive down. Watchout for all the fish. Enter the well (a hole in the water) to get outside. Go left and up and find a tent. lEnter it and talk to the acorn. Get ready for another mini-game, the same as your first, but with less time to knock over the targets. You only get ten seconds. You get a present after you win. Grab it and the token at the top.

KROW KEEP - Present #2

Exit the tent and go up and across the river and search for a tent. Enter it, if there's an acorn inside it, it's the right one. This is your fifth mini-game.

Instructions for fifth mini-game

For those of you who have N64's Mario Party game, you'll know how to do this. It's similar to the shell game. You watch which cup the acorn puts the pea under. Keep your eye on it. Steer the hand around to pick which cup has the pea. You need to get it right two out of three tries. After you win, you get a present.

KROW KEEP - Present #3

Exit the tent and go down and left. Go through the river and past the snake. Go to the bottom and then left. Dodge all the trees and enemies and you'll reach a third tent. Enter and talk to the acorn. He'll give you a key and a present. Grab both and exit.

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Conkers Pocket Tales

Conkers Pocket Tales
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