MAKO ISLAND - Present #5: Komplettlösung Conkers Pocket Tales

Instruction for mini-game seven

See mini-game six instructions. Use the pencil technique here also. Hit A to jump at the exact right time. Good luck! You're time will need to be less than 36.2 seconds to win here. The acorn dude gives you the engine for Ted and a present.

MAKO ISLAND - Present #5

Exit this hut and go to the top of the island. Swim up the next island above it. If you want, find the invite and go to the island on the right. There's a secret present there. They help you gain high ratings and scores. Go left to the island there. Then go south again. The next island you find there is Ted's Island. Keep going south and then go left to the far left side of this island. You'll see a point sticking up and to the right. Then come around and go right again. Keep going right until you are at the far right corner of this island. When you see some bushes, go in between them into the hut. You'll see Mr. Acorn in there.

Instructions for mini-game eight

This is a tough mini-games you'll have to win. Win it and you've got the third piece for the boat, the propeller. It's a long jump contest. You must jump 5.00 meters or longer to win. SUPERTIP: Use the two-player, pencil technique. Push the control pad left-right until you reach the take off line. Keep pushing them as you jump by pushing A. Let go of A when the launch angle is between 27 and 32 degrees. You'll have to practice this one for a little while at least.

When you win, grab the present. The forest guardian will increase your rating to AA - Acorn Agrivator.

MAKO ISLAND - Present #6

Go back to Ted's Island. Look on the map on the back of the hut you are in for assistance. If you find a cave, enter it and up left and out of the exit. Go left and up the stairs. You should find a hut. Enter it. Get ready for your last mini-game of all.... The Coconut Shoot.

Instructions for mini-game nine

Shoot the coconuts using the A and B Buttons. They fly across from both directions. The A button fires at the coconut when it's in the right target box, the B in the left. You get more points if you hit them on the first shot, and you have to get most of the coconuts in the target box closest to the side from which the coconut came.

After you win, you'll get a present and you're final boat part... the wood.

MAKO ISLAND - Present #7

Go out and back into the cave. Go down through the door, right through the door, and down through the final door. Go right to the stairs and go up to Ted's Boats. You should have all four boat parts now. Talk to him and he'll give you a present and build his boat. You can go out the door. Grab the present.

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Conkers Pocket Tales

Conkers Pocket Tales
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