MAKO ISLAND - Present #8: Komplettlösung Conkers Pocket Tales

MAKO ISLAND - Present #8

Once outside, go to the far left side of this island. You'll find evil acorn. Get ready for one of the toughest boss battles in CPT. This is the boat race, using the boat Ted built. Talk to the evil acorn. He wants your boat and makes a bet. You beat him in a race and he'll free Berri. Lose the race and she'll be history. Don't be worried, he's just pulling your leg. He doesn't do either, win or lose.

Instructions for boss battle four

Once you talk to evil acorn, get ready for the boat race. Hold A for acceleration. Steer with the control pad. To move diagonally, push the control arrows in that direction. For example, if you want to go up and to the right at the same time, push both up and right arrows on the control pad together at the same time. There are different paths to take. We recommend this path: Go north, northeast, until you reach part of the island hanging down, go down a littlle, go under the rock, steer up so you get over the next point, then go down, go past the next point, go straight down, take a left and steer around the point. Here's your fork... take a left, go straight west, until you hit a rock. Go up and to the left diagonnally, Go straight up when you reach a point. He slows down a lot at this time. Go straight up for a while and you'll be at the end.

After you beat him, he won't give you Berri, but he will give you a present and an aztec key.

CLAW SWAMP - Present #1

You need two of these keys to get into the Aztec temple. Go back into Ted's house. Check the map for the Forest Wong's island. You want to get to the upper left part of this island. Swim straight up and turn left to get past the rock and go up and right to get to another island. There will be a path on the island. Go right into the cave. Pick up the acorn and the conker. Dive into the dark blue water. Dodge the fish as you make your way right. Go up to the surface. You are now out of Mako Island and back into the forest. Follow the path to the right that the ant is on. Go down and go past the sign, You go south at the fork, then go right. Go north at the tree, and follow the path that looks like steps. Go up when you see the stairs and go to the right of the Forest Guardian's house. Then go up into the Spooky Forest. Find the sign with the rock beside and go left. Dodge the ants, going down, left and back up again. You should find another ant. Go past it and up and to the right. You should find another ant. Go past it and to the right for quite a while. Then up. You should find a sign with a cave entrance. Enter the cave. It's really the entrance to Claw Swamp. Go up and follow the path. You'll see a house to the right. Enter it. There's a block puzzle in there.

Push the bottom block to the hole in the left lower corner. Push the block that directly above the entrance into the hole that's directly above it. Watch out for the spikes. Push the block right of the one you just pushed up into the hole to its left. Push the far right block up into its hole. Go to the top right corner and push the top block left into the corner hole. Finally, push the remaining block left and south to its hole. Then exit the house. There should be another present waiting for you. Grab it.

CLAW SWAMP - Present #2

Go right and you should see a yellow tree. Keep going right. Defeat the pink and orange enemies with your slingshot. Go into the water. Go right and down. Jump over the spikes with a running jump and keep going right. Go up when you reach the up arrow and take a running jump over the spikes. There are three sets of spikes to clear. Go left and jump more spikes after a while. Enter the next house in front of you. A tougher block puzzle awaits you. There are four blocks to get into holes. First, dodge spikes to move the lower right block down to its hole. Second, push the upper right block right, up and left to its hole. Third, push the lower left block left, and down to its hole. Finally, push the last block left, up and right to its hole. Exit, go left on the path, and collect your present.

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