Komplettlösung Lufia - Fortress of Doom

How do I rescue the King from Sheran castle?

After you check out Sheran, go back to Alekia and report to the king and commander of the Alekian army. Then go to Alekian Inn and speak to Lufia. Lufia is still mad at you for leaving her but she soon comes to her senses. Leave Alekia to go back to Sheran. Lufia will follow you and join your party. Then, as you are going through the cave to go to Sheran, you will find Danil, who will give you the key to Sheran castle. You then will be able to unlocked the locked doors. In one locked room, there is a switch which will open a trapdoor to the dungeon. You will find this trapdoor by going into one of the rooms at the top left or right corners of the castle. Go all the way down and you will meet the King and the other prisoners.

Where do I find the Maberia?

The Maberia can be found near the Exit of the North Cave by Treck. The ship is guarded by three Goblins. These Goblins are very tough so I would recommnd building your parties levels up to 9. After you defeat the Goblins, you will sail the Maberia back to Treck.

I can't find Aguro after he leaves us in Lorbenia

Go to the top store of the big shop in Lorbenia. A young man will steal Lufia's money and run away. After catching this young man, go to the Inn and talk to the Inn keeper. Stay the night and in the morning, Aguro will find you.

How do I defeat the Apprentice?

The Apprentice is very hard to beat mostly because you fight him one on one with Hero. Be sure to use the 2 Mid Arrows found on the top floor of the Tower that the Apprentice is in. These together will do about 100 points of damage. Also equip the Hero with the Sonic Ring to Increase his Agility. Cast the Great Potion to add more HP to the Hero's Max and Power Potion to Increase the Hero's strength. Whenever you are hurt, be sure to heal yourself quickly because the Apprentice can easily do 30 points of damage with his Jolt spell.

I can't find Reyna, the little girl that ran away

There is one room in the cave where on the left and right sides are land bridges. And below the bridges are treasure chests. When you try to cross the land bridges, a fall through a hole. Instead, go in between the land bridges (Above the treasure chests) and walk across. There is an invisible bridge which you cross.

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Lufia - Fortress of Doom

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