How do I defeat the Phantom in the Ghost Cave?: Komplettlösung Lufia - Fortress of Doom

How do I defeat the Phantom in the Ghost Cave?

The Phantom is quite tough. I would recommend using Lufia's Drain spell to lower his defensive power. Keep casting this on the Phantom. Then make sure you find the Ghost Ring(found in Ghost Cave). If the Hero or Aguro is equiped with the ghost ring, fight the Phantom with the person wearing the Ghost Ring. Use the one who is not wearing the Ghost ring to use potions to heal the wounded. If everyone has enough HP, then fight with the person not wearing the ghost ring. Just repeat this and you should have no problem defeating the Phantom.

Where are the three Gems I need for the three towe

The Blue Gem is in the Red tower. The green Gem is in the Blue tower. And in the Green tower you will find a broken Gem. You will need to find a new one. Go back to the Medan mines, and the old man at the back of the cave will give you the real Hope Ruby. The order you should place the Gems is: Blue Gem in the Blue tower, Green Gem in the Green tower, and lastly, place the Red Gem in the Red tower. In that order.

How do I cross the Cave near Ranqs?

When you try to leave the cave near Ranqs, you will have difficulty proceeding. Go to a little cave east of Ranqs and you will find an old man who has most of the directions to exit the cave. They are: Up1, Right 2, Up 1, Right2, Up 4, Left 3, Down 1, Left 2, Down 1, Left 2, Up 2, Right 1, Up 1, Right 2, Then all the way up. You need to start in the doorway of this mysterious room.

How do I get to Arus?

The bridge to Arus is collasped so you will need to get someone to fix it. A repair man at Odel castle says he will repair the bridge with his friend at Lyden. Get him. Then he tells you to check out the bridge. Go left from Odel castle. You will come to a lake. Go under the lake and follow it to a bridge. Cross the bridge to a cave. In the cave is the bridge. Go back to Odel castle and get the carpenters. They then tell tell you to stand on a ledge and watch them work. You get to the ledge by going into one of the three caves entrances. These are called the West caves. Just work your way left through the cave and you will get to the ledge.

Where do I find Alumina?

You will find 1 piece at the cave east of Linze. You will then find 5 pieces when you search the Three Island caves. The final piece is owned by the king of Herat. He will give it to you if you find some new food. To do this you need the Purple Newt. It can be found at a cave east of Herat. To get to this cave, go straight down from Aisen island. You will hit desert like land. Go all the way down then east across a bridge. Then North across another bridge. The cave entrance is here. Search the cave for the purple newt. Then go to Lyden. At one of the backeries is a basement. In the basement is the Wizard of taste. Give him the newt and he will give you the Magic taste formula. Go to the chef in Herat castle and give him the Magic Taste. He will serve the king and the king will reward you by giving you his Jewel collection, the Alumina is in this Jewel collection.

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