Komplettlösung Siege of Avalon

Outer Keep level 2

At the start of the game you will be on the second floor Of the Outer Keep.

Remember to pay attention to your Quest, Adventure, and Journal Log's.

Corvus your brother will tell you he is going on a raid with General Ovoron and gives you a commission letter to give to the Quartermaster for some basic equipment.

When you leave Corvus's room you will be approuched by Deman who asks you to report to Captain Avarous, who can be found in the Outer Bailey, for training.

After you speak with Deman go find Winchell the Quartermaster and get your equipment. Winchell will tell you about Lucan who can be found in South Gate.

Ansicht vergrössern!

As soon as you have your equipment go find Madden who is standing just outside Winchell's quarters. Madden will tell you about his love and how a letter and a rose are the only things he has to remind him of her. Well the letter and rose are missing. Madden doesn't ask but if you find the letter and the rose he will reward you. These two item's can be found on the same floor in one of the chest's.

If you haven't yet you might go around and explore, open chests, read journals, talk to NPC's, and in general familiarize yourself with the second floor of the Outer Keep. I personally did not take anything from the chests other than the letter and the rose. The game supplies you with all you will need. Besides DT has threatened that there would be repercussions in later chapters.

Two other NPC's to speak with are Elarath who offers Mage training and Mudam who offers Scout training. Even if you don't plan on being either they still offer training that will raise your stats.

Now we are ready to go downstairs!

Outer Keep level 1

Once you are downstairs go to the Dining Room and speak with Bonnie. She will tell you about some noises she heard in the Kitchen basement. The go to the Kitchen and speak with Anora. She will give you permission to go to the basement. You will find the stairs between the Kitchen and the Dining Room. Ahh! Our first battle! In the Kitchen basement you will face some Waterbeetles, don't forget to tap spacebar and arm yourself.

Kitchen basement

Once you have defeated the Water beetles go back upstairs and talk to Anora, *don't forget to tap spacebar again so you can disarm and talk*. Anora will ask you to go find Davet and tell him to repair the hole you found in the basement. Davet can be found in the Dining Room. After you have done this speak with Anora again. She tells you she will bake you a pie and you get some TP's. As of the end of chapter three the pie hasn't been baked nor has Davet fixed the hole, the lazy slob. Now as with second floor go around and explore.

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