Main Keep basement: Komplettlösung Siege of Avalon

Main Keep basement

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Go downstairs to the Main Keep basement. Here you will find some armour and other things. Also there is a guy locked in a cell that I would like to speak to just haven't found a way to unlock the cell yet.

Outer Bailey

When you get to the Outer Bailey go find Captain Avarous in the training grounds and report to him. Then train with who he specifies then speak to him again. He will tell you he will report your skill level to the commanders.

When you leave the training grounds Sir Penrith will approuch you with some news about your brother. He will suggest that you go see Sir Calum in South Gate.

One of the NPC's to remember on this map is Merchant Gall. He will keep everything you sell him in his inventory. So far in chapter two and three I have yet to find a Merchant who will do this other than him.

As suggested before go explore and speak to everybody.

South Gate level 1

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Remember Winchell mentioned that Lucan could be found here. Lucan will give you a Kite Shield and offer to give you some fighter training. He will also mention that Freeman the Blacksmith might have a better weapon. All the trainers offer a very good way to raise your stats.

You will notice two guards blocking access to the stairs leading to the basement. In the same area Holt a blackmarket arms dealer can be found. You will also hear some interesting rumors from the various NPC's that are found.

South Gate level 2

When you find Sir Calum he will give you some information about your brother and tell you to go speak with Elazar and Sir Roth. Elazar can be found on this floor. Sir Roth can be found on the second floor of the Outer Keep.

After you are done in South Gate head for the Outer Keep. On your way through the Outer Bailey stop and speak with Freeman and get the Steel Quest, if you haven't done so already.

Also find and speak with Pellandrian, Pell for short. She is in a blue dress and can be found hanging around the horse pasture. She won't have much to say at this point in the game. You just need to touch bases with her because the next time you come outside it will be dark.

When you speak with Sir Roth he will tell you some more information about your brother and give you a letter of transfer to give to Mudam so you can look for your brother in the Village, we are getting closer.

Mudam, who is Master of the Scouts, will give you permission to go to the Village and ask you to report anything unusual to him. He will also advise you to speak with Olon who can be found in the Outer Bailey.

Once you go back outside it will be night and will stay dark until chapter two.

In the Outer Bailey find Olon and talk to him. Olon will know what you are saying before you say it, he deals in information. Olon will want you to do him a favor before he will give you any information. He wants you to reunite Pell and Lahren.

To start this Love quest, you should speak to Pell first. You are going to find yourself running back and forth between Pell and Lahren a few times. When you speak with Lahren use the more subtle conversation pathways, he is touchy.

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