Village 3: Komplettlösung Siege of Avalon

Village 3

Here you will find some Wolves, some Sha'ahoul Scouts, and one Sha'ahoul Warrior.

There are three basements to be found, one has a couple of Giant Spiders, One is block by a boulder *Something to remember*, and one has some Giant Spiders and a chest full of Steel. We have found the Steel for Freeman!

Another thing you will find is a fairly intact house. Inside the house is a Sha'ahoul Warrior and a chest. This is the house and the chest Olon wanted you to check. The Sha'ahoul Warrior has a Key Ring which will unlock the chest. Inside the chest are the Black Boots of the Shadows.

Two things to watch for on this map are *Area is Secured* messages. One will come when you defeat all the Sha'ahoul Scouts. The other one will come when you defeat the Sha'ahoul Warrior. This is the only map you will get these messages on.

If you want to head back to the Citadel and give the Steel to Freeman and speak with Olon. Also if you haven't yet take Elarath his Amulet and Lahren his Sapphire Ring.

When you speak with Freeman he will renege on his deal a little bit. He will ask you to speak with Sir Penrith about having some men go recover the rest of the Steel. Sir Penrith will agree to send some men but only if the area is secure. If you got those two area is secured messages then talk to him again and he will send some men. Go back to Freeman and get your Officers Sword.

Olon will take the Key Ring from you and give you the Black Boots of the Shadows. Read what he says carefully and then read what your Adventure log says. There is a conflict here. These boots have some great stats for being cursed don't you think. This has been discussed in the DT forum and the conclusion drawn is a false log entry. I guess we will find out. *evil grin*

Village 4

Ansicht vergrössern!

There are a lot of Sha'ahoul Scouts here some of them wielding bows. One destroyed house has an empty basement. The only thing of real note here is the Mage Tower and so far there has been no way in.


In the Church you will find more Sha'ahoul's. Once you have cleared this map investigate the back of the Church carefully. Run your cursor over things and see if they highlight. There is a secret passage.

Church basement

There will be several Sha'ahoul Scout's here, one will be wielding a bow.

The Main guy to worry about though is the Shaman Lieutenant. This guy will clean your clock if you are not careful. The easiest way I have found to defeat him is to cast Shadow on myself and walk up to him and attack, if you can get him off balance and keep him there then he is easy. Make sure you aren't a walking tank because you will want your Restriction and Attack speed down.

The Shaman Lieutenant is carrying the Chalise of Life and two Scrolls, one with Unusual Writing, and one with Odd Writing. These are items you want to keep.

Once you are done with the Shaman Lieutenant go into the tunnel. There will be some Sha'ahoul Workers in the tunnel and something you will want to report to Mudam.

Do you remember the two guards on the first floor of the South Gate who wouldn't let you go to the basement. Before or after you report the tunnel under the Church to Mudam you might want to go check on them.

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