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Before you start chapter two it has been recommended that you purge your game cache. If you don't know how to do this look here.

To start chapter two look at this map. The map is of the first floor of the Outer Keep. All you have to do is walk past the two guards and you should get a load screen that will transport you to the second floor of the Inner Keep to Sir Roth's quarters. Give it a little time to load, it is loading a large map.

Make sure you have chapter two updated with current update.

Inner Keep level 2

When you first appear in Sir Roth's quarters you will see a Courier leaving, remember him you will see him again.

Sir Roth will tell you he has an assignment for you. He tells you about an ancient artifact called the Earthstone. He wants you to find a party he sent to retrieve the Earthstone some day's past. The party constists of a Knight, a Scout, and a Seer. The Seer Waynar has the power to devine the Earthstone's location. Sir Roth also mentions that you might want to enlist the aid of some volunteers, suggests Phelic's Appentice, from some of the off duty personnel. He suggests you speak with the Mage Felious, who can be found in the basement. He adds that you can only have two party members.

There are some thing's to do on this level before going downstairs.

There are two hidden rooms on this level. Watch your game map closely.

You can find Sir Caerleon who is the fighter trainer.

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Mage Phelic will give you some information about the Earthstone and tell you that his Apprentice would like to join you.

You will find a Knight named Sir Ither who will tell you that Sir Osla is a traitor and that he has a letter to prove it. Sir Ither wants you to get the letter from Sir Osla and confirm this. You will have to run back and forth between them a couple of times before the truth is found out. It turns out that Sir Ither is the real traitor and he wanted the letter so he could cover up the evidence. You can finish this quest two ways. Confront Sir Ither and fight him or report him to King Ryence.

You will get more TP's reporting him to King Ryence!

Sir Dinadon will ask to join your party as a point of honor. You will have to talk to Ambassador Lucious to get permission for Sir Dinadon to join your party.

If either Sir Dinadon or the Apprentice do not suit you don't worry there are two more NPC's on the first level of the Inner Keep who will join your party.

You will find some locked doors on this level. When you find a locked door and you can see several NPC's in the room go talk to Sir Roth.

Sir Roth will give you a Master Key and tell you to look into it. He says that the Cathean's have been shut up in the room for sometime now.

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When you go back to the Cathean's room speak with Brother Larry. He will tell you that Isdernus the King of Cathea has been poisoned. He ask's you to find the poisoner and find out what poison was used so an antidote can be made. He suggests you talk to Fester the Alchemist.

Fester will tell you that he is missing some Moonberry Root and Dogs-Head Mushrooms. He tells you that he had read an old manuscript in the Library that mentions a cure for Brain Fever using Moonberry Root, Dogs-Head Mushrooms, and Night Faerie's Breath that can be fatal to a healthy man. He tells you to talk to Librarian Marcus about the old manuscript and Merchant Rayous about the Night Faerie's Breath.

Find and speak to Librarian Marcus first, then go talk to Merchant Rayous.

Now it is time to go downstairs!

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