Game Guide (english)

General Hints/tips

Click on the badge whenever it appears yellow to receive tips from the actual officers. Some tips here are needed to continue the game.

Scan each location’s screen for clues. To do this, move the mouse pointer over every inch of the screen. If the mouse pointer’s icon changes, click the left mouse button to examine that spot more closely.

When interviewing/interrogating a person, be sure that you ask all there is to ask on the particular subject. You can do this by continuing to double-click on the persons comments until they say that’s all I know , or That’s all I have to say about that . Also, cross- reference comments from others in your notepad with each person you speak with.

Check your answering machine whenever the red message light is blinking. Much of the information given is needed to continue the game.

Keep an eye on your watch. Some locations may be closed if it is not during normal business hours.

Re-visit locations at different times of the day and different days of the week.

Check forensic/autopsy report as soon as they are available and review reports in the beginning of each new day for possible updates.

Local Business Hours

Selectra Garage: 9am-6pm

Presidio race Track: 11am-6pm

Big Island Real Estate 9am-6pm

Beginning the Game

After meeting your partner, Inspector Manserro, click on the map at the bottom of your screen. Click on Pier 91 to go there.

At Pier 91

Be sure to scan the entire area for evidence. Note that there are several objects on the body as well as strewn about the crime scene. You will also want to interview all of the people at the scene, especially the coroner, he will give you his estimates for body weight, height, age and ethnic persuasion. More exact estimates will be given to after the autopsy reports are completed.

Select the following objects:

The tire tracks-test for imprint

The Concrete on the victim’s body-test for chemical

The tire iron-test for blood

The wash cloth in the victim’s mouth-test for fiber

Return to your office by first clicking on the map at the bottom of your screen, then on your office on the map.

At your office

Click the gold badge at the bottom of your screen to receive a message from Frank Falzon (the Homicide inspector in the real Body in the Bay case). Click on the computer on your desk. Select the Missing Persons database. Click the characteristics which the coroner described to you. Keep in mind that these were just estimates and are not exact measurements. The autopsy reports will have the most accurate measurements. When you think you have a match, try to identify the body at the morgue. Repeat this step until you are able to have someone identify the body. Interview the person who identifies the victim. Be sure to ask them all that you can. Keep double-clicking on each comment until the person runs out of responses. Click on the note in your notebook: Victim’s Family until Lisa had drug problems comes up.

Click on November 8th until Was at Club 11 comes up. Click on Was at Club 11 until He arrived at 7:00 comes up. Click on Worked at Pacific Power until Mickey Threatened victim comes up. Click on the close tab on you notepad and click on the map. The program will ask you to insert disk 2.

The first thing to do is check out the witness at Club 11 and check out all the evidence at the victim’s appartement (you must do this first or you won’t be having the lab report on time and you won’t be able to see Carlotta Dubrow until the second week). You’ll first want to talk with the building super, Phil Valliente. Ask him about victim’s family (2 x), construction work (2 x), 8th November (2 x), and the argument (2 x). Then go inside.

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