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Try to find evidence, such as fingerprints, that places a suspect in Charlie’s apartment. Also try to find evidence of a murder, such as blood stains and fiber that matches evidence found on pier 91.

In the living room

Check all the items for fingerprints. There is an important piece of evidence on the rug. Run the relevant test.

In the Bathroom

Look for similarities between items in this room and those found on pier 91.

In the Kitchen

Listen to all the messages on Charlie’s answering machine. Look at Charlie’s calendar. Come back to Charlie’s apartment on November 20th and look in the kitchen for the mail. It will contain an important piece of evidence.

In the Bedroom

Look at the documents in the drawers by the bed.

There are five serious suspects in the game. The victim’s son Earl and daughter Lisa are two. To find the other three, first go to the City Club and ask Ed Beck the bartender about Charlie’s enemies. Ask Ed about all the comments that the victim’s son Earl made earlier.

1. To find Dave Murray

After asking Ed Beck about Denise, ask him about Dave. You’ll find Dave at the Selectra Garage. Be sure to question all persons there.

2. To find Tony Gormier

You will first need to have asked Ed Beck about Charlie’s gambling. Then Harry Redmont about Charlie gambled. You’ll find Tony at the Presidio Race Track. Be sure to question all persons there too. Ask Gormier about Charlie owed him money after questioning Sid Rizzo. Then check out about Toni is a bookie with his worker: Bill Kavett.

3. To find Mickey Lamar

Go to Pacific Power on the map. Once there, click on Stuart and cross reference the comment made earlier (by Earl in your notepad) Mickey Lamar threatened victim until Stuart tells you where Mickey lives.

Phone Messages

In addition to messages from the lab you may hear from witnesses to whom you have already talked. Their messages are important and will appear in their notepad and in their witness statements. When you get a message from Phil Valiente follow it up. It contains important information. Gathering Evidence in Charlie’s Apartment To Interrogate, Get Search Warrants, and Arrest To interrogate a suspect you must put sufficient evidence into that suspect’s folder so that Inspector Manserro gives you the go ahead. You copy the information by clicking on physical, document, or witness statements in you casebook until they highlight. Then you click on your suspect page under Physical, Documents, or Witness and the information will be copied onto it.

To get enough evidence to interrogate Mickey

Copy into his suspect file Mickey threatened victim, from Harry, from Earl, and Stuart. Check his DMV records. These records will appear in his Witness file in your casebook under background information. Copy the information into his suspect file. Copy Nov. 8 from Earl’s file into Mickey’s suspect file. When you interrogate Mickey, ask him about his parking ticket. Keep pressing until he tells you the truth. To get enough evidence to interrogate and get search warrant against Lisa. Copy physical evidence linking her to charlie’s apartment as well as blood stains, and other physical evidence of the murder found in the apartment. Authenticate documents found in the apartment, such as life insurance policy, checkbook, and canceled checks (found in mail).

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