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Notes: Well, though this game looks good its damn hard! And I mean HARD! You lucky guys now have this walkthrough but when you solve this game by yourself - its top emotion! Also know that there is a plenty of methods to solve many of the riddles and I'll try to mention the places where I know the different way can be taken but I failed to figure it out. Every time you return to Jester if there is a message on the screen - click on it to play a videomessage. Also note that some of my sentences are nonsense but they are put there to make it easier to find hotspots on screen. And forgive me if my language isnt as good as you expect. OK. Lets begin. After a couple of videomessages on your display turn right and select universe, planet in this universe and location and sublocation there. ( I will skip this instructions later in the walkthrough because its useless to describe and eats bytes on your HD.) Select Urbs.


At main Urbs planet select location Sculpture Garden. Talk with the robot. (This time you cant presuade to move his ass off the magnetic north but we'll do it later). Walk left or right and explore other screens at this location. Pick up a rock and crush it using a hammer from your Tools. While you explore read all the plaques on the sculp- tures to get some tips. Return to Jester (your ship). Select location as Ground Zero City. Pick up rag and crowbar at the landing site. Go to the north walkway. Use bottled time on citizen and then another bottled time on bomb; quickly exit this screen and reenter it - whoa, the door is now unreachable. (note than you can just pass the bomb by and not deal with it - we'll get in there in more complex way). Return back to landing site and take eastern walkway. You enter a museum. In- side, pry open the container with your crowbar.

Pick up a shield from the container. Pick up a polisher from the floor, use it on rag and use rag+polisher on the shield. You will see display cases in this room but you need only general bars from one of them - use polished shield to grab them. Return to the entrance to the museum and find a spot on the door where an arrow to the right appears - go there, use elevator to descend a level down, talk with guard but dont make him angry and walk away. Return to Jester. Fly to the Fort. Pick up a uniform from the dead body. You may wear it. Use bottled time on a rocket launcher. Push but- ton near it to move rocket up. Exit screen to the south and you will be on the battlefield. Take both flags. Return to Jester and fly to the garden. Wear uniform.

Go to the statue with a flagpole and use enemy flag on flagpole (one of 2 flags will do - if you pick up the wrong one - you wont be able to trick robot). Go to the robot and command him to go join the battle - if you did all correct he will go away. Use reso- nance tracer. Now fly back to the fort and there go to the battlefield. Here you should see a bridge with a scanner nearby. Wear uniform. Use general bars on Korda. Now you will be authorized to cross the bridge. Inside the fort you will see a firing squad - use a shield on every squad member to vaporize them. Pick up a file in the corner and read it. Then talk to the prisoner. Here you can decide what approach to take but I chose one to believe his story and to let him go (and well, I wasnt killed though he escaped - you may try another approach - its fun to see 'what if').

Exit to the south of the screen. Here you will see a distant entrace into some private area, protected by a code-lock. Here you can either use PDA on keylock or use powdered rock on it to get fingerprints. Either way (though I havent tested the one with PDA) you come in. Here after some cut-scenes you are given a choice whether to save or destroy this universe. Though I am very peaceful dude Korda died when I chose to save it (it may be triggered by something but I dont care much about it) - but I suggest to destroy it. Just after this one you are given a logical puzzle to gain the World Key if you succeed - you are here on your own though even a braindead person will solve it in 30 minutes. Just after this you withstand a Council Of Wise to choose your punishment - I think the only non-lethal approach is to choose 'Bluff' and then 'Respect' from response variants. You will be freed and now you can walk to Jester and takeoff Urbs. Aurans awaits!

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