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Fly to the location of the Magnetic North. Exit screen. Take a bottle - it opens and djinni emerge - talk with them and agree to feed them. When you will get to the new location pick up all the fruit and an animal carcass. Return to djinni via the carpet. Give them fruit with following symbols: pillar, cross, burning man, bread, star and lotus. Take a djinni bottle and a carpet. Return to Jester, fly to the Canyon. Here walk carefully to avoid quicksands on your way - rocks will fall into them and you may pass. Exit screen to the bottom. Look at the beast. Return to Jester and fly to the Plateau. Exit screen to the northwest. Get all the rocks, coins from the sand and talk to Arabou The Trader. Exchange information with him and when you warn him about beast he gives you a flute.

You also need to get sandals from him - you may give him a bottled time, a carpet or a djinni bottle. The most preferrable is bottled time because you have a lot of them and if you give him a djinni bottle then you should get it back from him in exchange to the Emerald Camel from Treasury. Now fly back to the Canyon and go into the cave - to do this you need to stand near the last quicksand and use sandals on Korda. Then just come into the cave. You can try to take a blinking object within a skull if you want but as I think you can't get it without being bitten and losing your time. Also note that you get the needle only when you try taking it twice. But anyway: this item is not essential. Cross the bridge. Go to another screen. There go to the southern exit. Here take a cooling feather (take it twice because first time he'll drop it). Return to the Canyon and go to the lake. Use feather on lake and cross it after that Go to the dead nomad. Take a turban and mosaic tiles.

Return to Plateau and take a way to the left (not to Arabou) and you'll come to the lake with backwarding water. Use feather on lake and then pick up an ice particle from lake. OK, now fly to Caverns location and enter cave there. Inside, there are many ways to cross the web walkway: 1) use magic wand on web near you, then take this enchanted web and use it on Korda - you'll get to the exit doing this; 2) (this one is slow) use wand on webs but just walk across them - here you can take a short route but on your way you'll be bitten by spider and will loose time ... or take a long way, which doesnt include crossing a place where the hole in the wall is. After this navigate a maze until you come to the underground lake. Try talking with a nomad but he'll vanish. Take a cloth which he had lost, soak it in the lake.

Go into the other cave (not one you have come from) - and there use your ice lens on big crystal - you make your lens bright. Use soaked cloth on the emblem on the wall and a door appears in the cave to the left. Go in there. Use your lens on the guy with the sword and pick up his sword. Talk to the cook and after you finish talking use your feather on the fire - he gives you a canteen. Exit to the left. Use your sword to kill the spider, talk to gypsy dancer and accept her challenge. Go to the northwest and use sword to kill the man there. Return to gypsy and you get her veil. Enchant it with your magic wand. Go to northwest and further to the north - you'll come to the man with a telescope. Talk with him and lend a telescope from him for some coins. You can use screwdriver on the telescope, use lens on the telescope and then use screwdriver on it again and use your 'fixed' telescope to look at the palace.

Now you'd wish to get there - there are two ways (maybe more - for example I suppose sandals can help you with this too): 1) use enchanted veil on Korda and then go to the palace or 2) return back to the Plateau's lake with backwarding water, fill a canteen from it and then go to the Canyon and to the place where you can go down to the screen where the feather was - here is another path - to the north and on that screen use canteen on Korda and walk to the palace. Note that the latter way means you need to leave Caverns - to do this you need to take water from underground lake. And as I recently was told there IS a way to get to caverns again (because when you first go there rocks fall to barricade exit) - it is: fix your turban with a needle, enchant it with magic wand wear it and go to the place with a talking (if you use wand on it) sign near the place where you got the feather.

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