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Go to the right of that and talk with nomad and walk into the twister. If you will need there to go into the caverns (because you will be brought to nomad's camp) then use a flute on the crack in the cave wall to crawl inside. And to go back to the camp just open the door. Anyway, you get inside the palace - here you can talk with charlatans who are trying to get easy money from tourists: a poor woman, wealthy oracle, magician - all of them are willing to get a ruby from the treasury - but dont bother - if you give it to them later - they just tell you nonsense and thats all! Though you can buy a bowl from a poor woman. After the screen with a magician you will come into the room with a guard - you can talk with him, then give him your sword and he'll let you in, but there is a beast inside.

Sorry, cant provide you with info on how to get rid of the beast, I have heard rumors that it is done with a bowl and some food - (poisoned?) but we'll get to harem in a different way. Return to previous screen - take a left walkway, talk with a bathing man, use bottled time on water, then mosaic tiles on the water - you'll complete a tile image. Return to the room with 3 walkways - take a right one, talk to the guard, enter treasury. Here you can take not more than 3 items (note that though you can take 3rd item - you'll be whisked away from palace and will have to get there again. You can take : a)emerald camel - it is a MUST if you gave a djinni bottle to Arabou - go and change it for bottle b) coins - I dont see any sense in taking them either c) ruby - if you want to bring it to one of the charlatans at the palace entrance - come and see by yourself.

Now push the pedestal with ruby, push the tapestry, push the mattress where the emerald camel is standing and go into the hole. In harem there is only one girl which will talk to you - chat with her and give her a djinni bottle as the answer to her riddle (I believe there is only one riddle in her database, otherwise you are on your own). Immediately after that you are provided with a 'World Key' puzzle : it is to compose an Aurans symbol from many pieces. If you cant seem to understand what does the picture look like - restore your previous savegame and look for this symbol in the Caverns, near underground lake. After this return to Jester and takeoff to your next location - Fortuna universe.


After your arrival at the Pyramid Casino you will be met by Alachra and his guys. He will give you some gambling chips. Go right twice. Talk to the officer, try to enter the ship (you will fail). Use PDA on security droid and go to the ship's compart. Pull the lever. The door is codelocked and you dont know the password. Return 2 screens back and use the elevator. You can wander here for some time and by the way talk with bartender but dont choose 'Barter' option for now. Pick up a camera in the bar - its lying on the empty table. Go to the elevator and descend one stair. Go to the preforming band and talk with its leader. They need a glifnod player! Return to the hall and go left to the poker tables. At one of the tables you can pick up a dice scoop. Find one of the dealers who will talk to you and he will tell you that he is an ex-glifnod player.

and ask for his lucky coin. Return to the transportation officer (the one who stood near the ship, where is a codelocked door), talk with him and use a camera on him to get a badge photo. Now go back to the elevator and descend 3 times (maximum). Here talk to the beggar, accept his advice and get a card lying near him. Use badge photo on the gate and enter the train. Enter the saloon. Chat with piano player. Get a gun, lying on the barrel. Enter the next screen. Use chips on players to join their game. Use the "DISCARD AND DRAW" option when the cards are dealt - you will win and players will leave. Use resonance tracer here. Return to the Casino. Go to Jester. You can fly to the planet called Tracks in Fortuna system. When a man asks for your bet choose 1st response option.

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