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Return to casino. You can go and give away a half of your money to the beggar who told you how to bet (I dont know why you should share your money with him - is it a kind of moral test?). Now you can go to the bar and buy every item you wish and still have chips after that (though I havent found how to use almost all of these items). Go left, talk to the successful gambler and give her rabbit's foot. Go to the fountain and pick the lucky coin out of it with a dice scoop. You can now go and return it to the dealer who asked for it (why he is not rushing out to play his glifnod after this is beyond me!). Also use a processor which you bought from the bartender on your PDA to upgrade it. Walk to the security desk. Talk with guard and you can buy out dealer's glifnod by using chips on her (dont bother about his debts).

Use PDA on her for PDA to make a diversion so she walks away from her desk. (I think there is another way, which uses a rat from the saloon somehow). Push the button, open the box and get an electromagnetic chip. Upgrade your PDA with it. Return coin and glifnod to the dealer, pick up a badge he leaves and go to the band leader. Use a probability driver on dealer's badge to make up a security badge. Talk with her. Now go to the set of poker tables which is opposite to the one you were now - to the right of the main hall. Here go into the distant door (dont forget to open it!). While navigating tunnels, pick up a pail with paint on your way. When you come into the dead end open the panel and use ladder to go down. When you leave ladder open a floor panel and get a decelerator from there. Go further.

You will see a passage to your right on your way - go in there. Talk with alien and show him your badge when he asks for it. Push the bin so it covers the bomb and then pull rope the aliens are tied with to free them. Pick up a decoder. After you talk with aliens you can pull all the switches in the room to see what every of them does control. One of them enables a cheat system on one of the slot machines so you can go there and play it. Another switch shows you another chronomaster entering his ship. Use probability driver on the screen where you saw him enterong ship. You get the password: "Pasqua Wipeout". And also another switch opens heavy doors to the elevator and another one opens a roof above the spaceport (you must open it to leave Fortuna).

Now go to the ship and open compartment with this password. Open toolbox there, take a lockpick. Use a hammer on the lockpick twice. Now go all the way through the tunnels until you come to a sort of the elevator. Use your voice decoder on the voice encoder to activate it. Go further until you come to the locked door. Use lockpick on the door panel. Enter door. Talk to Milo. Dont arrest him but aid him. After he leaves you are provided with a 'World Key' puzzle. Its objective - press the panels which the computer has played - 1st time one panel, 2nd time - 2 panels etc. After you are done return to Milo's ship and talk with transportation officer, talk to Milo. Use bottled time on the pail of paint and use this fake PDA on officer. Now you can leave the planet - go to Jester and takeoff. See a movie. After it ends you can choose where to fly next - to Cabal or Verdry. Lets go to Cabal first.


OK, fly to Witch's Hut at Glitter first. Cross the bridge. Talk with witch. The answer to her riddle is : "Avalon Greer keeps his heart in an egg". She will teach you Animation spell as well. Go to her hut. Near it pick up a handful of earth, watering can, rain bucket. Open door and come in. Get clam shells and a knife on table. Use watering can on bucket and then use bucket on sleeping cat. Get green and blue books and a scroll from the shelf. Read them all. Use bucket on cauldron. Use resonance tracer. Exit back to garden. Cut a bee hive with knife. Go to Jester and fly to the planet Glass, location Temple. Pick up a pile of feathers. Talk to priest and priestess. When they ask you about Opening spell tell 'TRUTH'. They will teach you a Commandment spell. Enter temple. Go to altar. Talk to High Priest, kneel. Use magic foci on a scroll and then use spell on Phoenix. Use a feather on altar. Talk to Phoenix. Take blessed feather.

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