VERDRY: Komplettlösung Chronomaster

Use resonance tracer. Return to Jester and fly to planet Gem, location Pine Forest. Pick up all gems here (you can insert them into corresponding flowers in harp and then somehow revive unicorn but we'll do it another way). Use magic foci on ice unicorn to revive him. After you finish talking with unicorn use resonance tracer here. After that proceed to the right. Pick up crystals from pine. Talk with Sprite Queen and the leftmost sprite (two times with latter, so you will offer him 2 spells for his one) - you MUST have a number of Mana Points in your inventory increased by 10 after talking with someone of them - otherwise you wont have a chance to finish the game! (If you stick to my solve then you should have a number increased from 6 to 16. Return to Jester and fly to planet Forge. Talk with dwarven guard and use your bucket on him. He will give you a key. Pick up a lantern hanging nearby. Unlock the door with your key and enter mines.

Exit to the bottom of the screen. Use hammer to get some lodestones from a pillar to your left. Talk with Dwarven King. Use resonance tracer. Then use magic foci on yourself and select lines in following order: "Shining Smooth, Shining Bright, Worked By Fire, Heart Of Light" and you will get a vision. Talk with king again and you will ask for his Bubble Wand. Choose barter to give him your tracer. Return to Jester and fly to Gem, location Volcano Of Glory. You will see a flying eye here. Use hammer on crystal from your inventory and then use magic foci on crushed crystal and then cast a spell on eye. Choose 'SLEEP'. Then use magic foci on blessed feather and then cast a spell on eye again. Take an eye. Use Bubble Wand on Korda. Take rose (flower on the nightstand) and the Rose (girl) will awake. As you talk with her she will kiss eye to reveal Avalon Greer's heart. Open door to get back to Jester.

Fly to Glass, location Tower Of Avalon Greer. Enter tower, enter beam of light. Talk with Avalon, choose 'HEART' from dialogue options to take him into custody. Take a letter from the floor and read it. Return to Jester and fly to Glitter, Witch's hut. In her garden, use rose on garden, water it from watering can, take it (you will get a geode), use knife on geode, use hammer on knife in geode, use cut geode on garden. Enter grown geode. Inside use screwdriver on the yellow-green crystal from the wall of geode (you dont need other ones) and crush it with hammer. Take a log and a ladle. Use log on cauldron. Use feather on log. Use watering can on cauldron, take ember from the floor, put it into the cauldron.

Use lodestones on feathers in your inventory, then use magic foci on crushed feather and use spell on cauldron. Add some earth from your inventory into the pot. Stir the brew with ladle. Add crushed crystal (from the wall of geode) in pot. Stir again. Take a pot. Great, return to Jester and head for Verdry. P.S. This chapter is very strange. What if you give an eye to Avalon Greer - he vanishes then - is it a dead-end? Or how to animate unicorn without magic? Or what for is bee hive? Where the Opening spell is used? To cast it you can light the lantern with feather and open clam shell with a screwdriver, then use magic foci on shell and cast it. You may be more successive than me...


Please, forgive me but I wont include a maze map for you - it is very easy, every room is special so you will draw it by yourself in 10 minutes. Also note that when you exit some special rooms in there you can exit to different sides but you better exit not to the direction you came in, so in couple of moves you will get to the beginning of maze. Rooms in maze are as following: gibberish boy room, smallings room, gemini room, garden room, picture room, eyeballs room, mailbox room. But you need to get to the maze, so I begin...

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