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Get a large leaf. Use reality warp on maize plant and then talk to all the plants here. When you talk to creeping jenny it will steal your possessions so 'UPROOT' it when you have option to choose, then pick up items. Look at bushes and talk to your alter ego. Take all the plants excluding shy violet - you will get fruit from them, mix 3 fruit in inventory and then use hammer on your mix. Go into the hole. Pick up dying tree - you get its fruit. Use fruit on fertile soil - a new tree grows, take it (you take leaves from it). Use these leaves on obsidan rock. Then you can use a mix of 3 fruit on rock to make up a muffin (I havent found usage for it - only to eat it). Use big leaf on Elder & Sage if you wish (optional). Use reality warp on them and then talk with them. Return to Jester, fly to planetoid, which is in the point where a line of planetoids crosses a circle of planetoids. Here you should see a magnet man lying. Use resonance tracer.

Return to Verdry, but to the new location - 'Overgrown Area'. There, pick up a bulb plant, pick up stump to collect some needles from it; use plant skin with needles, then pull stump to clear it from vines, use skin+needles on stump, use hammer twice on stump. Monster will move and you will enter maze. Map it by yourself. Note that from the first screen you can either go right or left. Go to the Gemini room. Gemini room: Talk to Gemini. Choose 'REASON', 'LOAN'. Use dreamcatcher on the stairstep reflection in mirror. Open mirror. Take a medikit and syrup bottle there. Open vault door and enter it. Picture room: Take a picture, get a loose nail from one of the walls. Talk with Merriwind but refuse to give her dreamcatcher. Open second door from left. Use picture on the only empty wall and take a stairstep from another picture. Walk into the fire rug. Open leftmost and rightmost doors and enter the right one.

Garden room: Pick up fallen leaf, flowers (pollen). Exit to the bottom of the screen. Eyeballs room: use pollen on eyeball to blind them all. Take a recipe and 2 magnets from refrigerator, push it, unscrew motor with screwdriver, push it back. Open it, take shears and a bowl. Open freezer, take a brainsickle. Gibberish boy room: Use hammer on mirror and get a mirror shard (it can also be used to blind eyeballs by using it on the ceiling light). Use reality warp on boy and give him a brainsickle. Mailbox room: Take Korda doll. Open mailbox, close it, push it, open it, take a letter from it, read it, take letters from the floor, use them on paper, use paper on envelope, put envelope into the mailbox, close it, push twice, open, take a package, look at it - its a stairstep!

Garden room: use shears to cut waterflowers, use waterflower on bees, then use PDA on rake, take rake, use rake on leaves, take a table leaf and a leaflet. Use elephant magnet on a chisel in the water (at the very left of the screen). Take chisel. Use it on a rock nearby, then use it on the tree, use hammer on it to get a stairstep. Smallings room: talk to smallings. Then catch a goldfish - it sometimes falls onto the pavement so you need to be near and take it then. After that talk with smallings. You can either give them 2 stairsteps and then fool them and take their stairstep or make up a boat for them: use motor from refrigerator on bowl, then use a small leaf on bowl; give them a boat. Gibberish boy room: use doll on boy, exit via the same passage as you came in - go to the eyeballs room.

Eyeballs room: Blind them as earlier. Use reality warp on table, use table leaf on table. Picture room: use 7 stairsteps on hallway to get into the new room. Take thyme plant branch. Set 6:00 on all clocks: digital clock can be set by PDA, water clock can be set by taking and putting back top filler (make sure to check time on it after every action), grandfather's and sundial are adjusted by pushing them, Big Ben replica also (but open it prior), and cuckoo clock by using reality warp on it. Take cuckoo bird. Take top filler from water clock. Break hourglass with hammer. Take sand. Crush thyme plant branch with a hammer. Use crushed thyme on top filler and then use sand on this mix - you get a paste mix. Open grandfather's clock with screwdriver and use paste mix there. Use cuckoo bird on water clock.

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