DYCE: Komplettlösung Chronomaster

Push hourglass to shut down sundial. Use screwdriver to disable digital clock. Use nail on Big Ben replica. Exit room. Take a spear from bushes. Take a rock. Note that a log in water flows away from you when you are near water and move in its direction - move the log to extreme right. Then step away from water and walk to the extreme left. Use rock on water . Now try to move log from the screen so that a new one emerges from the left. Go to new log and it will be stopped by rock so it cant flow away again. Cross river halfway, then use spear on log and cross it completely. Return to Jester, fly to Dyce.


You begin with only 0 Dyce money in your inventory. Unscrew 2 wall panels from wall with your screwdriver. Use PDA on exposed circuitry, use frequency manipulator (FM later) on the elevator controls. Here, when you enter the elevator you need to solve a puzzle: the goal is to open all pairs of planet's emblems - hint: try to remember at least a couple of pairs with the same drawings and open them first. Then open a tile and try some others - if you succeed and open the pair for it dont forget which drawings were on the tiles you previously tried. You will eventually get to the room with Deter in mech. When Milo asks for your response choose 'Plan'. Then unscrew access panel. Use FM on the control panel, but not the one you have opened but one near Deter's mech. Then use FM on your control panel. Pull the green switch down, press a button to activate and set a dial pointing to 3. Then press a button to activate.

You should arrest Deter now. Fly to the Chop Shop. Talk to the Book Mobile. Enter shop. Talk with the surgeon. Get a card, tools. Go back out. Use library card on Book Mobile. Return to surgeon. Use a book on him. Give him J5 Pin which he wants. Talk. Talk with doctor after Lodrun goes out. Use PDA on doctor. Go back out. Look into dumpster - you get a brain and a hand. Go back inside. Get a mech arm. Talk to doctor. Fly to O'Ryan' estate. Use PDA on solar panels, use solar panel on the door. Enter door. Enter left door. Get a turkey. Get a bowl of grapes. Push a chest. Get key, unlock chest and look into the chest - you get a keycard. Back to the corridor. Enter right door. Get a ticket stub. Use FM on TV screen. Use screwdriver on the panel. Use screwdriver on control board to take it. Back to the corridor. Exit to the bottom of the screen. Use keycard on the door to the left. Talk to Merriwind. Use hammer on enclosed tuning fork.

Get a fork. Use it on the telescope lens to break it. Open window shade. Get a brick floating nearby Merriwind. Open Jack-In-The-Box and get novelty glasses there. Break them in your inventory with a brick. Open a window covering monster. After this go to the room with TV screen and push a cushion and take a coin lying under it. Go back to Merriwind's room and use coin on eyeball dispenser and take an eyeball. Now you can note that mushroom morphed into plug. Use grip clamp on it and Merriwind will be taken into custody. Look into hole to get a flute and a keycard. Exit to corridor and open a door to your right with a keycard you have just found. In there unscrew a panel on the mech's left leg and insert a control board in it. Use FM on mech to activate it. Return to corridor and unscrew head panel and look at fused circuitry.

Use PDA on mech to get it moving. Mech will break open the door into Dwistor's room. Here talk with Dwistor but dont try to threaten him (bluff or retreat). Use flute on him to rescue Milo and get Dwistor into custody. Take a broken PDA from the floor. Use a turkey leg on the Ketter Beast. Take another half of winning ticket and use one half on another. Then fly to the Docks Casino and you will find Alachra there. I dont know whether it will be the same for you but when Alachra suggests you to play with him choose his left hand - that should take him into custody. Talk with robot and give him an eyeball. Then use your ticket on ticket seller to get money. Go left. Use money on Selena and she will escort you to the Orrary. Here talk with Milo. You can choose any of 3 plans to see 3 different end movies but the 2nd one is the right one. Inside, use PDA on planet to stop it spinning. Use resonance tracer. Use FM on the red rectangle which appeared on planet. Finally, use hammer on battery.

Game Over

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