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Welcome to Lara's newest adventure. If you thought her previous adventures were exciting, wait until you see what she has planned for you this time. There are 19 massive levels spread out across 5 exotic locations, 59 Secrets, a Secret Bonus Level, new moves, new enemies and new vehicles to ride. As always, Sinjin will reveal everything you need to know to win this game and get a perfect score. You must find all 59 Secrets to unlock the Bonus Level. Tomb Raider 3 is non-linear and so is this solve. You can play the middle three levels in any order you wish so this Online Walkthrough is organized differently from previous solves. To navigate the various levels in this walkthrough all you have to do is pick the Location you need help with from the choices in the top window. This will open a side menu along the left which has each area within that location. Clicking on any of these menu items will take you to the text which describes that area.

New Moves

Lara adds a few new moves to her physical abilities. Now she can Sprint, Crawl, and Monkey Swing. Naturally, there will be plenty of opportunities (and puzzles) which require these new abilities to complete successfully.

New Vehicles

Lara gets to drive/ride five new vehicles in her third adventure. These include a boat, Kayak, Mine Cart, Quad Bike (ATV), and an Underwater Propulsion Unit (UPU).

Combat Tips

Combat hasn't change much. One of the key things to remember when fighting multiple targets is to LET OFF the fire key after you drop an enemy. This way you can acquire a new target and not waste ammo on a corpse. Lara can aim very accurately while jumping around, so try to keep moving to minimize enemy damage.

Hardware List

Stopwatch Lara still has her trusty stopwatch. This allows you to check your level completion time and find out if you've missed any secrets. It also makes it impossible for me to use directions like N,S,E, & W in this solve. Flares You can't do any damage with these handy items, but they will be invaluable as they illuminate your surrounding area, revealing traps, switches and Core's new dynamic lighting engine. There are LOTS more dark areas in this adventure so make sure to keep a good reserve of flares handy and don't waste them. Remember, the muzzle flash of your pistols will also light up a dark area - just not as long. Pistols These are Lara's trusty sidearms she brought with her from the first game. Use them "John Woo-style" to take out your basic baddies. They will auto-aim each time you press the fire button. Shotgun This old favorite is back. Use it on groups of enemies for wide spread damage or when at close range to inflict serious damage on a single opponent. Desert Eagle More powerful than the pistols; this powerful handgun is Tomb Raider 3's equivalent of the Magnums from the earlier games. These are great for close-range combat where you need heavy firepower while you dodge. Harpoon Gun The reload time on this weapon makes it good for usually a single shot. Use it to stall your enemy so you can swim to the safety of dry land. Ammo is also hard to find so conserve every harpoon you find until you absolutely need it. Uzi's Another favorite from the first two games; this weapon is very powerful and should be saved for the bigger enemies and later levels. Grenade Launcher This weapon provides some serious destruction. Grenades will explode only after they are armed and they must travel about 50 feet before they arm. This makes this weapon a long-range weapon which is good because you don't want to get caught in your own blast. Do not fire then run forward until after the explosion and resulting deaths. Rocket Launcher What more can I say. This weapon will wreck destruction on whatever it hits. Use wisely as ammo is VERY limited. MP5 Lara trades in her M-16 from the last game for this new military issue Automatic Assault Rifle. This weapon is ideal for long-range sniping. You cannot be running or jumping while firing this weapon. Weapons and Ammunition Ammo is scattered all over the various levels. It is always a good policy to save your bigger and better weapons for the bigger and badder enemies. Sometimes I will give you a recommendation for which weapons to use, but feel free to use your weapons of choice. There will also be times when I might say "you will find a certain weapon in a certain location" and all you find is ammo for that weapon. This is not a bug or error in my solve, but rather part of the game design. Weapons appear in certain locations, but if you ALREADY have that weapon from an earlier "pick-up point" then you will find ammo for the weapon that would otherwise be there. Once again you can explore Lara's mansion before starting the REAL game. There are lots of new things to learn and do. She has expanded the gym and there is a shooting range where you even get to take shots at that pesky butler. Don't miss the Race Key that unlocks the Quad Bike so you can race around the mansion. We join our adventure, already in progress. Lara is currently in India, searching for the legendary Infada artifact. So if we are finished with all the preliminary info; let's get on with the game....

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