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You will need to use the map to get across the swamp alive. Make sure to do running jumps to clear all the danger zones. Just before you make the final jump out of the swamp, turn left and jump and pull up into the small area to get Secret #1. Do a running jump from the lower corner to get back to the previous area where you can make that final running jump out of the swamp. Make sure to grab or you will come up short. The fog up ahead hides some rocks and a deadly raptor. Kill the raptor before climbing the rocks to the next area where another raptor attacks from the left. When he is dead, take the right path until you reach the large tree. A dark passage is behind the tree and leads to more raptors and quite a few items. Flip the pair of switches to open the door and exit. The next open area is infested with more raptors. Take the passage to the right of the waterfall and follow it around to the right. Climb the ladder and backflip to the slope then jump to the branch and whip out those guns and shoot the raptor which falls into the water below - a tasty treat for the piranha. Jump up and grab the high branch and carefully walk out onto the limb to get Secret #2. Now you can jump into the water below and flip the switch. Don't worry about the piranha - they are still eating that raptor you fed them earlier. Raptors are everywhere in the next passage. Kill them all as you make your way to the dark room with the box and many switches in it. Each time you flip the switch, raptors will rush into the room. Climb the box to kill them (or chase them off) from safety before flipping the next switch. After you have flipped all three switches, jump from the box to the upper ledge where you can get Lt. Tuckerman's Key and kill more raptors waiting to ambush you. Take the path back near the plane crash. Any raptors you didn't kill earlier will now be attacking. Use grenades to kill multiple raptors if you can get them bunched up in the hall. Find the small corridor by the plane and follow it to a lookout over an open area. Some ammo is nearby so get it then head toward the soldier. Soldiers are friendly UNLESS you fire on them first, so don't make any more enemies than you already have. As you near the soldier, a pair of raptors attack, so make your way back to the ledge. Both the raptors and the soldier will assist you in the upcoming battle with the T-Rex (if you let them live). Plan your strategy then drop down and head for the T-Rex nest. Taking Commander Bishop's Key from the nest will trigger the arrival of momma T-Rex. You can try to fight this monster if you want or let the raptors and the soldier distract her while you get those doors open. Either way, sprint towards the torch at the other end of this area and flip the switch to get you access to the second switch. Run over and flip that switch to open the exit which lets you leave and also lets any surviving raptors from the first part of this level IN! This isn't a bad thing since they will more than likely attack the T-Rex instead of you. Even if you killed everything prior to this area, one more raptor will join the fight. Before leaving this battle zone, find the branch and jump and grab onto it from the ledge below. Pull up and get Secret #3; Medkit, then jump over to the tree and jump to the landing to get some Flares before heading all the way back to the plane wreck. Locate the pillar in the dark area and jump and grab to the top of it where you can then climb up the tree and monkey swing over to the trunk. Keep on swinging out onto the long limb and drop off when the camera moves out for the big picture. Climb down the wall and shimmy to the left and pull up into the crawlspace. Now climb down the rock face into the small alcove then monkey swing to the door that overlooks the large room. A ledge below has a switch you need to flip to access the second switch. Climb around and drop and grab and climb some more until you can pull up onto the ledge with the second switch. Flip it, then return to the first switch and flip that one again to access the third and final switch. Now you need to monkey swing over to the wall near the dead end. Turn around and climb down the wall to the bottom so Lara is hanging only by her hands. Then climb up her feet get on the ladder then backflip to the hidden ledge where the third switch is. Flip the switch then jump back to the ladder and climb up to the ledge on the right. Do a running jump to the slope near the middle of the large room and grab the edge as you slide and shimmy right until you can backflip to the central column. Then jump up to the monkey swing and exit into the new area with the plane. Do a running jump to grab onto the limb then another running leap will put you on the plane. Go inside and kill the raptor and use the keys in the cockpit to turn on the power. Now head further down into the plane and flip the switch to extend the big gun and fire on the raptors who are doing battle with soldiers outside the plane. The gun will also blast holes into the walls in the building across the river. When everything is safe, you can exit this level through the hole in the wall.


Get ready to "shoot the rapids" in this exciting (and dangerous) level. Paddling the Kayak isn't too difficult once you figure out the moves. Make sure to practice in the calm water before hitting the rapids. Also remember that your back-paddle is much more effective than any other move while in the boat. It will slow you down and help your turn sharper. First check out the starting location and clean up the resident bats and the dragon living in the tree. Another dragon is under the ledge in the gorge, so don't let him surprise you. Climb down the pillars then jump over to the large block in the center. You can now jump over to the rocks and grab on. Shimmy over to the right and flip the switch to open a door back at the beginning of this level. You can now shimmy to the left and continue, or if you want to get some extra ammo, do a daring backflip from the slope back to the block in the middle of the river and return to the start. If you returned to the start, then look under the overhang and get the ammo. Ignore the Kayak or you will miss out on the level's first pair of secrets. Return to the middle rock and jump back to the cliff and shimmy left. Hang and drop and grab on to the lower ledge. The monkey swing above will take you to the other side of the gorge, but you need to be following the trail along the shore. Jump over the sloped area and land on the flat ledge near the opening in the rocks. Head past the sealed door and do a safety drop to the ledge. Jump and do a backflip over the razor grass and crawl into the dark crawlspace. A dragon attacks with his poison breath as you continue to claim the Save Gem from the end of the passage. Watch for another spitting dragon on your way out. Head to the stair and take care of any resistance you encounter. Push the button to open that sealed door then go check out the passage beyond the door to find a waterfall to the left. Behind the falls you will find some ammo and trigger Secret #1. A monkey swing provides access to the ledge above the slope. Slide down the slope then jump and grab the pillar. Then run and jump to the middle pillar and get the Save Gem before continuing in that same direction. Leave this area and do a running leap and grab onto the face of the cliff. Hang on and climb to the top and head right. Backflip from the ledge to the slope and grab the edge as you fall off. Shimmy to the right and drop down to the platform to search the shack for Secret #2. Do a running jump from the platform back to the main path. Grab while in midair so you duck and won't hit your pretty head on the rocks. Return to the trail you were on before you went after this last secret. You should arrive at another Kayak behind a closed gate. The switch to open the gate is under the water along with some nasty crocodiles. Kill the crocs then dive in and flip the switch to open the gate then climb aboard for some whitewater Kayaking! Head through the gate after you have practiced all your moves. Back-paddle to slow yourself through the first stretch of whitewater and steer toward the pool to the right. This small lagoon has a strong current of its own, but you should be able to fight it long enough to steer into the alcove and get the Save Gem. Back on the river, head over the first falls and keep to the right to miss a big rock and a trip line. Continue around the bend and start back-paddling when the current pulls you to the right. Trip the line to turn off the deadly blades then cruise over the next waterfall. Watch the big rock to the left and back-paddle to keep your speed from getting out of control. Keep back-paddling as you steer towards the dark cave and follow it around to the right. Avoid the trip lines and keep back-paddling to steer and monitor your speed. When you cross the final line, back-paddle and turn to make a sharp turn around the corner. Now paddle forward and head through the narrow gap. Dodge the patches of razor grass keeping to the left as you start the final run, then let the current take you. You should end up in a large cavern. Head to the cavern with a white waterfall and paddle behind the falls to find a Save Gem and some other items on the shore you can get later. You should have also just triggered Secret #3 so you don't have to worry about any more secrets on this level. You can also get the Secret Chime by jumping over the falls to get those items on shore later, but I assumed you wanted the Save Gem.

SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS - Madubu Gorge (Part 2)

Now paddle down the green passage and put some distance between you and the hungry crocodile so you can exit the Kayak and get to shore before he bites you in half. Kill him from the safety of dry land then swing out over the cavern. Time your monkey swing so you don't get torched by those flaming faces then jump to the ledge and get the Rocket Launcher. Go up the rock and follow the passage back to the cavern with the white waterfall. Do a running jump over the falls to get the ammo, then head back down the shore and climb up onto the left ledge. Jump and grab onto the monkey swing and climb out to the middle until you hear some bats. Turn left and drop down at the wall and get the ammo from the shore on the left. Monkey swing back across the stream and jump around the corner to the slope. Jump to the ledge then jump back and grab the wall and climb up. When you get outside, look to the right for a tunnel and enter. Dodge the rolling boulder by ducking and letting them roll overhead. When you enter the room with the walkway, walk out a short distance then back off the walkway and shimmy over the fire and pull up at the opposite end to avoid triggering the boulder. Jump over the flames in the hall and avoid the boulder that drops down rather quickly. Back at the river you can run and jump to the ledge on the right and climb into the crawlspace. Once you are through this tight squeeze you can stand and jump over to the middle platform and do a running jump to the far ledge. Find and ride the cable-slide down to the lower ledge and jump off to land on the ledge without taking any damage. Climb the textured wall surface and watch for a dragon to attack from the right as you reach the top. Enter the hallway and flip the switch to pull the plug and light a torch which also summons another dragon. Return all the way back to your Kayak and head down the whirlpool. Try to stay to the edges, otherwise you will drop to the bottom and probably die. When you finally reach the lower area you will find an underwater switch that opens the exit and dumps a pair of angry crocs into the water with you. Get out of the water fast and kill them if you wish before leaving this level.


Our visit to the South Pacific Isles concludes with a small adventure into the Temple of Puna. You will start this level already under attack by hostile natives. Kill them quickly to avoid their poison darts. If you do get hit, try to kill as many other natives as you can before using that medkit. Head to the lower area and check out the gate that leads to the final boss. Ignore it for now and make your way into the larger room with the boulder on the ramp. More natives attack as you make your way up the stairs. Kill them all then when you reach the top, duck down and crawl into the next deadly room. Rolling blades cross the room making things rather difficult. Jump from the upper ledge and sprint as the blades go by over to the right corner. Turn so your back is to the corner and you are looking out into the room. When the blades go by, move over to hit the switch and return to the safety of your corner before the blades return. Now you need to make a mad dash for the opposite end of the room. Line up with the axle on the blades and jump the gap between a set of blades and then sprint to the next corner. Repeat this process to flip all four switches. You may find it easier to backflip out of the corner so you are already facing the switch. This will save your precious seconds in lining up your approach to the switch and getting back to the safety of the corner. The door will open after the forth button is pressed. Head to the safety of the door and then time your run back into the room to get the Save Gem as the blades roll off to the left. Roll as soon as your grab it and sprint back to the door. Slide down the slope and into the next room where a spiked ceiling threatens our heroine. Three switches will stop the ceiling if you flip them fast enough, but pulling out the box will do the same thing and with a lot less to panic about. Now that the ceilng is stopped, flip the switches at your leisure to open the door. Do a safety drop down the hole and into the large chamber with the boulder trap.

SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS - Temple of Puna (Part 2)

Flip the switch to turn on the lights and seal the door. Sprint down the passage as the boulder is released and rumbles toward you. Sprint through the door and turn right making your way toward the Save Gem. Keep to the center otherwise the floor will collapse and you should finally reach safety between the two ramps. If you missed the Save Gem you can crawl back and get it now. Back in the hall you will be attacked by a native on the right and two more on the left. Start up the stairs and when it reverses direction you should be able to spot an opening high above in the darkness. Jump from the steps over to the wall and shimmy to the left and into the opening to get Secret #1. Finally, go through the gate and slide down the slope to enter the boss's chamber. Puna will turn as you approach. When combat begins, KEEP MOVING. He can only hit you if you are standing still. One hit and you are dead, so just keep jumping around and you will be fine. Puna never gets out of his chair, making him an easy target. Every so often he will summon some of his friends to assist him. Always kill them first before worrying about the boss. He will leave you alone as long as his help is still fighting for him. When Puna is no more, grab the Medkit from the ledge and get the relic. If you have been playing the game in the same order as I wrote this solve then you should have all four relics at this time. Pack your bags and get ready for a trip to Antarctica. Brrrrrrrr........

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