Komplettlösung Secrets of the Luxor


Hotel Room

Pickup backpack in corner. Pickup hat and shows. Go to nightstand. Pickup the portable VCR. Pickup the journal on the bed. Look at the videos (you can select the VCR and then move back up to the main window to use it). Read the journal. Go to the bathroom. Pickup the magnifying glass and toothbrush. Exit the bathroom. Pickup the letter under the door and read it. Exit through the door.

Terror Room

Look at the key pad. Use the key card in the key pad. Enter the access code. Enter through the door.

Top Elevator Entrance

Read the sign. Push the red button. Enter the elevator.

Elevator Operate the elevator. Exit the elevator.

Bottom Elevator Entrance

Look in the open crate and pickup the VR goggles. Enter the King’s room.

King’s Room

Walk left to the computer terminal and use it. Enter the access code you used earlier. Read all the files and exit the computer. Use the VR Goggles. The light halos indicate doors that you will need to open. Walk to the middle. This is the Egg Puzzle. Walk back to the beginning of the bridge so you are facing the Egg Puzzle. Look down left and you will see a ladder. Use the ladder. About one story up you can see the floor. Hmm, that floor pattern sure looks familiar.

King’s Room Lower Level

Walk right and you will see a barred room. Walk right again and you come to an open door. Go through the door. This is the Water Puzzle room. Exit and go left again. The next door is the rock-crushing room. You will come back to both of these rooms later. Go back up the ladder to the top.

King’s Room

Walk towards the entrance door. To the left you will see a stone wall. There is a loose stone. Push the stone and a door will open. Go through it.

Reflector Room

Look at the far wall. You will see a hand pointing in a direction. This is another clue to the Egg Puzzle. Go back to the main chamber.

King’s Room

Go to the center where the Egg Puzzle is. Use the Egg Puzzle. Put in the two solutions you have seen in the Reflector Room and on the floor. Look in your journal on page 18 to get the last solution. You now have solved the Egg Puzzle.

Water Puzzle Room

Go back down the ladder and into the Water Puzzle room. Go to the front and turn around. Go up the stairs and go to the front control panel. Look in the back cover of your journal. This is what the levers should end up as when you pull the main lever. Once you have solved the Water Puzzle, exit the room and go back up the ladder to the top.

Spike Entrance Room

Go to the left of the crates and push in the center. Walk through the door and you will see a device and a cove. The solution for the device is in the cove. Once you solve the puzzle you will see a diagram. Figure out the diagram and enter the spike room.

Spike Room

Take the far left door. Once in the corridor, you will see a silver star door on the left. Enter it.

Constellation Room

Write down the constellations you see then continue down the corridor.

Stellar Room

Walk to the silver control panel and put in the four constellations. You should see the spikes going down. Enter the next room.

Sun Temple

Look at the wall. This is one of the solutions for the Wheel Puzzle. Look at the pedestal below the mummy and move the swiitch to the Sun position. Walk all the way back to the King’s Room. Go back to the reflector room (by pushing the loose brick).

Reflector Room

Turn both reflectors so they face the back wall. Turn the crystal in the center. A door will open. Walk through the door.

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Secrets of the Luxor

Secrets of the Luxor
  • Genre: Prügelspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.10.1996

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