Crypto Egypt: Komplettlösung Secrets of the Luxor

Reflector Room Throne

After hearing the message, turn back around and pick up the Egyptian Cross Key. Go back to the King’s Room.

Wheel Room

In the King’s Room, go to the wall to the right of the computer terminal and enter the door. Walk around the maze until you go down and see a statue of a Queen’s head. Open the top of the statue and make a note of the three symbols. Go back up and walk around until you enter the Wheel Room. Put in the sumbols from the Queen’s head and the order from the Sun Temple wall. Enter the hole.

Barred Room

Pull the lever. Get all the way back to the King’s Room.

Rock-Crushing Room

Go down the ladder and into the rock-crushing room. Use the key in the Lion’s head to get the white crystal. Go back up to the top and enter the door on the wall to the back of the bridge (you will be right at it when coming up the ladder).

Pit Room

Walk around until you enter a cavern-like room. Go to the left and put the white crystal in the organ. Go to the right and pick up the three crystals. Turn the wheel and a stone bridge will appear. Walk across it and put all four crystals in the holders. A door will open.

Last Resting Room

Walk to the chair and get the symbols off of it. Go back to the doorway and face the chair. Take one step forward and look right. You will see a passage. Go through it.

Crypto Egypt

Transporter Control Room

Walk up the stairs and take the right corridor. There is a small door on the right. Enter it. Turn on all of the small control panels on the walls. Hit the button on the main control panel. Exit and then take the left corridor.

Golden Octogon Puzzle

In the middle of the room is a golden octogon on the floor. Solve this puzzle. You will see a control panel come up.

Body Scan Control Panel

Figure out how to use the controls. It will scan your body and you can now go through teleport doors.

Embalmbing Room

Go back to the first teleporter door you saw (in the circular room with the control panel) and go through it. go left and go left again. Go through the Egyptian cross door. You can play with the scale flying chariot, check out some brains, dead bodies, etc. but the important thing here is the circular door that looks like a safe. Go to it, open the outer door, then grab the handhold on the inner door and keep trying until it hits the stationary ring (you will need to move it fastly). You will then hear a click. Go back up the stairs and back to the hallway. Go left and through the huge gold box at the end of the hall on the left.

Power Link Room

Go left again and you should enter the power link room (this is shown on the back of the game box). Go up to the front and click the three white buttonson the right of the g.

Questions and Answers

I just started. What do I do?

Pick up the backpack, pick up items, and head out the door. You might also want to take a look at your items. You can select it, then scroll back up to the main window to use the item.

What’s the access code for the computer?

Same as for the Terror Room keypad.

What’s the crystal pyramid for? It never seems to work on anything.

You’ll use it near the end.

What’s the toothbrush for? It never works on anything.

It is not needed to solve the game but it might come in handy somewhere.

I noticed near the very end that there was an elevator that goes up to the Cathedral. Does this mean I could have taken this from the beginning? I never really looked there before.

No, while the shaft is there, you cannot use it until all the rings have been rotated.

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Secrets of the Luxor

Secrets of the Luxor
  • Genre: Prügelspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.10.1996

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