General Hints: Komplettlösung Secrets of the Luxor

General Hints

Not all items can be clicked. Some can be slided, rotated, pushed, or pulled. You have to solve a puzzle to open up paths elsewhere. The camera comes in handy. Take pictures of anything that might be a clue. Always look everywhere. Sometimes when you reach a dead end the answer is in the same room.

The Body Scan Control Panel

Hints: The three rows of buttons are sliders. Solution: Bottom row left to right, top row left to right, middle row left to right. Scans your body so you can use transport doors.

The Coordinates Puzzle

Hints: The solution is in your journal. Solution: X and Y coordinates with the bottom left being (0,0), (15,1), (5,3), (11,7), (14,7), (16,9), (5,12), (13,15), (12,16), (14,17), (8,11). Ends Crypto Egypt level.

The Egg Puzzle

Hints: The hand solution is in the Reflector Room. Tell me more. The link solution is on the King’s Room floor. Tell me more. The button solution is inn your journal. Tell me more. The hand solution is on the back wall of the Reflector room. The Reflector room is located to the left of the main door in the King’s room. Go to the wall to the left of the main door. You will see a loose stone. Push the stone and you can enter the temple. Solution: The hand should point to the bottom-left (8 O’Clock).

The Egg Puzzle

Hints: You can see the solution to the links by looking on the King’s Room floor as you go down the ladder. Go down the ladder to the left of the bridge and look down about 1 story from the bottom. Solution: Going clock-wise with the 12 O’clock position being 1, and the 11 O’Clock position being 16: 1 Normal, 2 Normal, 3 Crossed, 4 Normal, 5 Normal, 6 Normal, 7 Crossed, 8 Normal, 9 Normal, 10 Normal, 11 Crossed, 12 Normal, 13 Normal, 14 Normal, 15 Crossed, 16 Normal. Numbered clock-wise with the 12 O’Clock position being 1 and the 11 O’Clock position being 16: 6 Pushed, 11 Pushed, 13 Pushed.

The Elevator Puzzle

Hints: Hit the bottom button to start. There are more to the controls than meets the eye. Open up the control panel and flip the three switches. Allows you to reach the King’s Room.

The End Solution

After disabling the reader beams, you can walk to the top of the obolisk and follow directions. Once you have done what has been asked of you, you can watch some video and then there will be a countdown. If you want to save the world, you’ll have to rid it of Osiris. How do you do that? I’ll let you figure it out. If you just can’t - well being the nice guy I am I’ll provide a solution. Notice the energy coming from the obolisk is going into a blue hole. If you rotate the bridge this energy beam moves too. I think you can see what to do from there.

The Red and Blue Lights Puzzle

Hints: You want all of the lights to be the same color.

The Red and Blue Lights Puzzle

You want all of the lights to be blue. It appears that the game may change it randomly but the following worked for me: First row left, second row left, third row right Opens doors to elevator control panel.

The Mummy Room Puzzle

Hints: You have to enter the four symbols in a certain order and number. The clue is in the hologram room. Person, Snake, Person, Triangles, Person, Snake, Person. Opens winding stairs.

The Golden Octogon Puzzle

Hints: The diagram on the octogon describes the order in which you do something in the room. Push the bottom of the statues in the order described on the octogon. Back, Left, Front, Right, Back. Front is facing the gold door and back is facing the blue door. Allows you to get to the Body Scan control panel.

The Pit Room Puzzle

Hints: Get the clear crystal. Tell me more. Go to the Solar Throne room. Get the key (Egyptian cross). Go through the rock-crushing room and open up the Lions head. Use Clear Crystal in organ. Pick up colored crystals. Turn the wheel. Walk across and put all crystals into the new base. Allows entrance to the Pit Room Throne room.

The Power Link Puzzle

Solution: Click on the three white buttons on the right of the generator and the right floor strip will light up. This opens up the hologram room. Click on the three white buttons on the left of the generator and the left floor strip will light up. This opens up the catacomb room. Opens doors.

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Secrets of the Luxor

Secrets of the Luxor
  • Genre: Prügelspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.10.1996

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