Komplettlösung Secrets of the Luxor

The Obolisk Protection Beams Puzzle

Hints: In order to get to the obolisk, you will have to disable the protection beams. Using the rotator control at the top of the steps rotates the bridge so you can go in other doors. Use the rotator control to move the bridge so you can enter each room - there are four rooms with a leaver to disable the protection beams. The buttons to push are NW, N, NE, SE. For more detailed instructions on how to disable the beams, check the Walkthrough. Disables obolisk protection beams.

Disabling the Rock Crushing Room

Hints: Solve the Wheel Puzzle. Pull the lever in the room after the Wheel room. Disables people-crushing rock.

The Door Puzzles

Puzzle 1 is located through the Egyptian Cross in the Embalmbing Room. Puzzle 2 is located after the winding stairways. Solution: When you go through the outer door, there is another door. Grab the black hand slot and keep pulling it fastly until it hits the stationary ring and clicks. Then you can exit go back up and take a left and another left and that huge gold box will be open. Opens doors.

The Secret Guy

Hints: Use the VR Goggles in the Constellation Room and you will see a guy with some guns.

The Secret Movie

There are many QuickTime movies on both CDs that you can view with a Movie Player. You might find one or two movies that are not in the game.

The Secret Room

Hints: There is a secret room with pictures of all of the programmers. It is under a bridge in the Power Link room. If I said anymore I would really be giving it away. Oh, that toothbrush does actually have a use.

The Obolisk Six-Slide Puzzle

Hints: Here’s a good hint: Don’t spend too much time trying to solve this one. It’s a decoy.

Activating the Solar Room

Hints: You must do three things. Turn the panels. Tell me more. Turn the crystal pyramid. Activate the light. Tell me more. Look on the wall to the left of the computer terminal. Turn both panels so they face the door. After you solve the spike puzzle, you can go past the Stellar room and into the Sun Temple. Turn the switch on the bottom of the mummy pedestal. Allows entrance to the Solar Throne room and allows you to get the key to the Lions Head.

The Spike Room Puzzle

Hints: After solving the machine puzzle in the Spike Room Entrance, you will see your clue. The coins represent something. The silver coins represent doors you can’t get to, the gold coins represent doors you can get to. Give me the answer. The only door you can go to is the left-side door towards the far side of the room. The Spike Room puzzle allows you access to the Stellar Room and the Sun Temple.

The Spike Entrance Puzzle

Hints: Once in the Spike Entrance room, walk into the cove and you will see the solution. Solution: Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up. The Spike Entrance Puzzle opens the door to the Spike Room.

The Golden Stairs Puzzle

Hints: Pass your hand over a symbol to activate it. Symbols must be done in a certain order. The symbols are on the chair in the Pit Room. Throne room. Drink, Egyptian Cross, Snake, Food or just Buttons 3 1 4 2. Extends stairs so you can continue on.

The Stellar Room Puzzle

Hints: The buttons correspond to constellations. There is a list of four constellations in the Constellation room prior to the Stellar room.

3 x 2 x x X

x x 1 4

Disables Spike Room.

The Terror Room Puzzle

Hints: You need to enter an access code to get into the Elevator room. Read the letter from Osiris. Solution: The access code is 2411#. Allows you to enter the Elevator entrance room.

The Tower Rotation General Hints

Hints: Each tower has a rotation control panel. The castle is made up of rings - each ring is a different level horizontally and vertically. The tower rotation rotates the rings so you can access other elevators and rooms. You need to do them in order - Tower 1, Tower 2, etc. The ring order is 3 (inside), 2, 1, outer with 3 being the 1st floor and the outer being the 4th floor. None of the elevators are out of order - they just need the ring rotated. Good luck.

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Secrets of the Luxor

Secrets of the Luxor
  • Genre: Prügelspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.10.1996

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