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CODENAME: ICEMAN is Jim Walls's first effort outside his successful POLICE QUEST series. Combining a submarine simulator with an adventure story, this game (like many recent releases from Sierra) has a great deal of depth in its puzzles and solutions. Many paths are provided to get the player from the opening screen to the end of the game. Part of the game design is for the player to be able to choose the "wrong" route (in terms of total points) but still be able to complete the game. Alternate solutions will be presented where appropriate.

This walkthru contains specific puzzle solutions and reveals the sequences that I chose to complete the game. It is recommended that the walkthru be used (preferably by someone not playing the game) to provide hints to the game player when necessary; this makes the game more fun to play all the way through, only using the walkthru when absolutely necessary. Commands which should be typed into the game appear in the walkthru in capital letters. I used both the mouse and the keyboard; joystick play might be slightly different.


The story opens with Commander John B. Westland sunning himself on a beautiful Tahitian beach, on leave from his duties with the U.S. Navy. LOOK AROUND. LOOK TABLE. READ MAGAZINE. GET UP. Walk one screen to the left where you will see a high-spirited volleyball game. LOOK AROUND. LOOK GIRL. TALK GIRL. She asks if you would like to join the action. PLAY. At this point, the game takes over and no player input is necessary -- just watch your points increase! (It may be possible to earn more points by moving around; I didn't do this.)

As the game progresses, the ball is hit into the ocean, and one of the girls runs after it. She will yell for help. Enter the ocean and exit to the bottom of the screen. You save the girl and swim back to the beach. SHAKE AND SHOUT. CALL FOR HELP. LOOK LISTEN AND FEEL. GIVE 2 BREATHS. LOOK LISTEN AND FEEL. CHECK PULSE. BEGIN COMPRESSIONS. At this point, the game takes over again.

Walk one screen left, go up the beach, and exit at the top of the screen. Walk to the nearest hut and onto the deck. Exit the screen to the left. Enter the doorway. LOOK ROOM. Walk to nightstand. LOOK NIGHTSTAND. LOOK DRAWER. OPEN DRAWER. TAKE CARD. TAKE MONEY. CLOSE DRAWER. Walk to the closet. OPEN CLOSET. LOOK CLOSET. LOOK CLOTHES. LOOK LEFT POCKET. TAKE BOOK. READ BOOK. Note the phone number for General Braxton (I never found Gigi home). CLOSE CLOSET.

Since you are shirtless, you can exit right from the deck, and dive into the water, or you can walk back to the hotel on the beach. I prefer to swim, so exit the way you came in, and DIVE from the platform. You will automatically be swimming. Swim one screen to the right, head toward the top of the screen, and you'll be back on the same screen which began the game. Walk over to your chair and WEAR SHIRT. Exit to the top of the screen and walk to the hotel door. OPEN DOOR. Walk to the counter. LOOK WOMAN.

Walk to the sign between the plant and the counter. Be sure you are facing the sign on the rear wall, as there are two signs in the bar. LOOK SIGN. Note the number for the dinghy service. Walk to the door on the right. It will open automatically. Walk to the dark-haired woman sitting at a table by herself. LOOK WOMAN. TALK WOMAN. ASK NAME. BUY DRINK FOR STACY. DANCE. Stacy will get up and you will automatically follow her to the dance floor. (You can move around the dance floor with your arrow keys/mouse. It won't earn you extra points, but it is fun to watch!) STOP.

Leave the dance floor and walk to the chair on the other side of Stacy's table. Position yourself so you are behind the seat of the chair, facing toward the bottom of the screen. SIT. TALK. Stacy asks, "Would you like to come back to my place?" Answer YES. You will automatically get up and follow her. Next, you find yourself with Stacy on her porch. KISS STACY.

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Codename Iceman

Codename Iceman
  • Genre:
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: Sierra
  • Release: 30.12.1989

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