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Follow the instructions on Pages 6 and 7 of the game manual. Exit room through the right door. Walk to the computerized chart table. LOOK MAP. PLOT COURSE. I used the following coordinates:

WP 0: 30N x 170W (Waypoint 0 -- given); WP 1: 70N x 170W; WP 2: 84N x 74W; WP 3: 83N x 7W; WP 4: 70N x 13W; WP 5: 65N x 23W.

EXIT to leave the chart table. You will automatically be put behind the pilot's wheel for the second time. "Maintain current heading." Do nothing.

"All ahead 2/3." Tap the plus key three separate times, and look at #32 until three lights are lit, indicating 2/3 speed.

"Set depth for 300 feet." Tap the up-arrow key once, and read #5. When the number 300 shows in the window, tap the down-arrow key once.

"Acknowledge when depth is attained." DEPTH CONFIRMED.

"Maintain course and depth." Do nothing. At this point, sonar will report contact. Do nothing. There will be a number of reports and computerized sonar scans with the final report.

"Friendly...French frigate." Do nothing.

"Come to periscope depth." Tap the down-arrow key once. When #5 reads 70, tap the up-arrow key once. As you are coming to periscope depth, the captain will order you to "reduce speed by 1/3." Tap the minus key once.

"All ahead slow." Tap minus key once again. As the ship reaches its slower speed, you will be told there are coded messages waiting for you. GET UP and save the game.

Backhawk: Decoding Messages

Walk to the man at the right side of the long console. LOOK MAN. TALK MAN. He will hand you two messages: first, a message from the U.S. Navy with two sets of three numbers each. These are the primary and secondary Washington code keys. (Write these numbers on a piece of paper; they are different each time the game is played.)

The second set of six numbers are CIA primary and secondary code keys. Again, write these on a piece of paper. Walk to the captain's cabin. OPEN SAFE. A keypad will pop up. Input 23448803 and click on the "Enter" key on the keypad. OPEN BRIEFCASE. You will be prompted for the entire combination: enter 762134. PUT ID IN SLOT. INSERT MICROFILM.

The CIA offsets to the U.S. military codes are given by branch of service. The offset for the U.S. Navy is +3. CLOSE BRIEFCASE. Walk across the passageway to your cabin. Walk to the computer and save the game.

Pause the game (with the Control-P key combination). Use the letters and numbers from the U.S. Navy code book to translate the code keys into two sets of three numbers each. Each set of letter combinations represents Page, Line, and Word in the game manual. For example, my Washington code keys are: "FH - E - D" for the primary word, and "H - G - E" for the secondary word. Looking in the code book, "FH" translates to Page 15, "E" to Line 2, and "D" to Word 4. The fourth word on line two on page fifteen is: STEER. This word is my primary code key for the Washington message, and it is this word I will type into the computer when asked for the primary code key.

Translate the secondary code key for the Washington message in the same way. (The letters for your coded messages may be different, but the process is the same.)

Prepare the CIA code keys by adding three numbers to the U.S. Navy code book: A = 3, B = 1, C = 9, D = 7, E = 5, F = 4, G = 6, H = 8, I = 0, J = 2. Using this code, translate the CIA code keys in the same manner as above, using the manual to arrive at the Page, Line, and Word for the primary and secondary CIA code keys.

Now, USE COMPUTER. Enter the Washington primary and secondary code keys (words from the manual's colored boxes) first. You should see a message which begins, "Contacting fisherman...." You will be asked if you wish to decode another message. Answer Y. Enter the primary and secondary CIA code keys. You should see a message which begins, "Russian warships...." If you receive a nursery rhyme, you have entered the code word incorrectly. Review the above process and try again. If you have received both sets of messages, answer N when you're asked if you want to decode another message, and exit the control room to the left. Walk to the stairs and descend.

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Codename Iceman

Codename Iceman
  • Genre:
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: Sierra
  • Release: 30.12.1989

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