Blackhawk: Boss Dice: Komplettlösung Codename Iceman

Blackhawk: Boss Dice

You are now in the galley. LOOK AROUND. LOOK TABLE. Walk to the table, save your game, and TAKE BOTTLE. Oops! It has an owner, and he wants to wager on Boss Dice for it. Answer YES when he asks if you want to play. Instructions for this game are on Page 30 of the game manual. You must win the first series to get the bottle, but if you win all of his money, you will receive a more valuable gift. When you win the bottle from the old salt, he will ask if you want to play again. Answer YES, though you can finish the game by just getting the bottle. You cannot save a game during play; if he wins the last hand, restore and play again. GOOD LUCK!

Blackhawk: Executive Officer

Now is the time to exercise your official duties as outlined on Page 5 of your manual. Follow the same route under the stairs that was taken by the Old Salt. Move left until the screen changes, and you find yourself in a shaft with a ladder. CLIMB DOWN. Exit through the right door. Walk to the torpedoman. TALK MAN. Walk to console. CYCLE EQUIPMENT. Walk to the conveyor belt and face it. INSPECT EQUIPMENT. REMOVE CYLINDER. MEASURE CYLINDER. Exit this room to left. CLIMB UP. Exit through the left door.

LOOK AROUND. Walk to the cabinet. OPEN CABINET. LOOK CABINET. LOOK CYLINDERS. TAKE CYLINDER. Choose the 6" cylinder. TAKE COTTER PIN. CLOSE CABINET. LOOK LATHE. PUT CYLINDER IN LATHE. SET LATHE. Choose 1". TURN ON LATHE. Walk to the drill press. USE DRILL. SELECT BIT. Choose the 1/4" bit. TURN ON DRILL. LOOK CYLINDER. Walk to the grinder. TURN ON GRINDER. Exit to the left, then left again on the next screen.

LOOK ROOM. LOOK DRAWER. Walk over to the tool drawer. OPEN DRAWER. TAKE HAMMER. Walk to the engine and shaft. INSPECT ENGINE. INSPECT GENERATOR. Walk back to the right screen and exit. Go through the tunnel over the nuclear reactor, and back to the machine shop, exiting on the right side of the screen to the shaft. CLIMB DOWN. Enter the right door and walk to the conveyor belt. INSERT CYLINDER. INSERT PIN. Walk to the console. CYCLE EQUIPMENT. Exit left to the shaft. CLIMB UP. Use the right exit, walk to the stairs, and CLIMB UP.

Blackhawk: Russian Destroyer

Once again, when entering the control room, the captain will order you into the pilot's seat. Save the game as soon as you are at the control panel screen.

"Maintain current heading." Do nothing.

"All ahead full." Tap the plus key three separate times.

"Set depth for 300 feet." Tap the up-arrow key once and watch gauge #5. When the gauge number reads 300, tap the down-arrow key once.

"Acknowledge when depth is attained." DEPTH CONFIRMED.

"Maintain course and depth." Do nothing.

"Reduce speed to 2/3." Tap the minus key once.

"Make your depth 100 feet." Tap the down-arrow key once, watch gauge #5 until it reads 100, then tap the up-arrow key once.

"Ahead slow." Tap the minus key twice.

"Surface." Tap the down-arrow key once. When gauge #5 reaches 35, it will stop scrolling, indicating you have reached the surface. Tap the up-arrow key once.

The captain will invite you to go "topside" with him. GET UP. The view from the bridge is magnificent. The captain starts to mumble. TALK CAPTAIN. Oops! Russian ships! The rest of this sequence is automatic, and you will go below. The captain is injured, and you are left to fight the Russians alone!

When you appear again in the control room, immediately take your seat at the control panel, and save your game! Sonar will report contact with the Russian destroyer, and starts to report distances. Submerge by tapping the up-arrow twice. Use the mouse to click on control #15 as you are diving. Pop down the fire control panel by clicking on #23. Check gauge #5, and the tap up-arrow key twice when you've reached 600 feet or so.

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Codename Iceman

Codename Iceman
  • Genre:
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: Sierra
  • Release: 30.12.1989

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