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The captain is back on duty, and orders you to periscope depth. Tap the down-arrow once, watching gauge #5 until it reads 70, then tap the up-arrow once. Be sure your speed is slow (one light on #32), and the wheel is at center position. You will be told when to GET UP. Once in the control room, the captain will direct you to the periscope.

Walk to the periscope. LOOK IN PERISCOPE. Move the periscope with the arrow keys to get a reading on both the harbor and the oil rig (located on a platform to the left of the main island). Use the down-arrow key to exit the periscope. Walk to the sonarman. TALK MAN. PING RIG. PING HARBOR. He will give distances to both places; make note of them. Walk to the stairs and descend to the galley. Walk under the stairs, and exit left from the shaft. Walk to the machinist and GET KEY. Exit right back to the shaft. CLIMB DOWN, go right to the torpedo room, and go right. Face the back wall. LOOK. OPEN CLOSET. TAKE EXPLOSIVE. TAKE FLARES.

Exit left to the shaft, then exit the shaft through the left door. LOOK AROUND. Walk to the left rear of the screen to a closet. OPEN CLOSET. The machinist will get your scuba gear. Exit right to the shaft, and CLIMB UP. Exit left through the machine shop and tunnel to the engine room. Just right of the hatch stairs, you will see a compartment door and a button. Go to the compartment; PUSH BUTTON. LOOK COMPARTMENT. TAKE VEHICLE. INSPECT VEHICLE. INSPECT VIBRATION. INSPECT SHAFT. MEASURE SHAFT.

Walk to the tool drawer, OPEN DRAWER, and TAKE WRENCH. Choose 1/2". Walk to the right. The game will automatically put the vehicle back in the compartment. Walk right two screens to the machine shop, and go to the cabinet. OPEN CABINET. TAKE NUT. Choose 1/2". TAKE WASHER. Choose 1/2". Walk back to the engine room and get the dive vehicle. (See above) PUT WASHER ON SHAFT. PUT NUT ON SHAFT. TIGHTEN NUT WITH WRENCH. TEST VEHICLE. ENTER COORDINATES. Input 282 degrees and 2850 yards for rig; 40 degrees and 1640 yards to harbor. Walk to the ladder. CLIMB UP. OPEN HATCH. LOOK AT ROOM. WEAR GEAR.


As you exit the ship, go left nine screens in a row, then up three screens. PLACE EXPLOSIVE. Swim up three screens, right eleven screens, and up one screen to reach the harbor. Save the game. Swim up past the first set of rocks, then left two screens to the cave, and enter it. Time is of the essence! Swim up twice, right, down, and right. "Down" is a narrow hole; save your game when you enter the fourth screen! You get 10 points for having the device and for going through the caves!

You enter the harbor on the other side of the magnetic screen and automatically swim up. Swim right two screens to the pier. HIDE VEHICLE. Swim left two screens and wait. A net will drop; swim to it. PUT BOTTLE IN NET. Wait. When the net is returned empty, swim up. Approach the fisherman and give the codename: ICEMAN. (Hm, must be a title in there somewhere!) He hands you a fish. LOOK FISH. LOOK LINE. REMOVE HOOK. LOOK WEIGHT. OPEN CAPSULE. LOOK MAP.

Exit to the upper-left between the rocks. Go through the open door into the building and remain out of sight. LOOK ROOM. LOOK CRATE. LOOK CLOTHES. WEAR CLOTHES. Wait until the guard passes. Exit to the right. On the next screen, exit up, then on the next screen, exit to the left.

You will come to an oasis. LOOK WOMAN. ICEMAN. GET MAP. LOOK MAP. Exit this screen to the right, to the right on the next screen, up on the next screen up, then to the left on the last screen. Stacy's apartment is the one with the double doors. Go to the phone. LOOK WALL. TAKE CARD. READ CARD. Walk to the window and LOOK OUT. Walk to the canisters on the kitchen counter. TAKE LARGE CANISTER. OPEN CANISTER. EMPTY CANISTER. REMOVE BOTTOM. REMOVE FOAM RUBBER. LOOK IN CANISTER. TAKE GUN. LOOK GUN. REPLACE CANISTER.

Walk to the refrigerator and LOOK ON TOP OF REFRIGERATOR. TAKE TAPE. LOOK IN REFRIGERATOR. TAKE BUTTER. OPEN DISH. OPEN BAG. READ PAPER. CLOSE REFRIGERATOR. Go to the phone and USE PHONE. Enter 03-120-1204. TALK MAN. USE PHONE. Enter 13-555-8097. TALK MAN and wait. Soon, there will be someone at the door. OPEN DOOR. Wait until the man asks for money. USE GUN. REMOVE CLOTHES. USE TAPE, and wait.

Stacy will arrive and ask if you have read her note. Tell her YES. She will then give you more instructions and leave. You exit and are automatically put in the van, which will drive around the corner and stop in front of the embassy. Save the game.

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Codename Iceman

Codename Iceman
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  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: Sierra
  • Release: 30.12.1989

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