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Bear in mind there probably ARE other ways to solve some puzzles, and a few of the puzzles may be switched in order, but this seemed to be the easiest and least painful way of getting through them. Also, these are only the REQUIRED steps, there are other things you can do as well.

You start off in your house and your Dino-Fly's hurt. Go to your back room (Get the key first in the drawer next to it) And get your golden ball, practice with the darts if you like. Go outside and go to your neighbor's first of all, and check up on your old buddy. It seems his son is working in the sewers, and made a very interesting map. Unfortunately, it's old and peeling from all the icky stuff down there. We'll have to help him later. see your dinofly, talk to your wife. Yep, this dino's sick all right. Listen to your wife and go to the pharmacy.

She also mentions picking up a piece for your car on Desert Island, so remember that like a good husband. Thief! Get Umbrella back for that nice little old lady. Hmm, whenever you go up to this guy he runs.. we'll try sneaking behind him in 'Discreet' mode. Talk to the other man outside, he seems interesting. Oh, we have a weather wizard? Let's go check him out.

Well, OBVIOUSLY it's not his fault. It seems our good friend Raph the lighthouse guard (well not really our friend, a lot of people don't seem to like him much) has disappeared. After asking his fiancée where he might be, we find out he was captured by the Tralu while taking walks on the cliff. Go to the cliffs, you'll see a small entrance with a sign and a snake in front of it. Go through, come out, and then proceed to the next cave.

Careful, dangerous jumps. When you arrive, you will see Raph in a makeshift jail, crying for you to don your old robe and help him again. So, off we go to become the warrior of Sendell once again, (Or else this game would suck huh. *grin*)

Go back to the Museum. The idiot of a clerk doesn't recognize you, so you must pay to get in. Then you found out that you CAN'T get your stuff back because the door to the control center is locked, and you can't get in. Well.. if you look you'll notice two things: 1) It's on the second floor and 2) The window seems to be open. Go outside, and climb in through the window on the 2nd story and unlock the door and the case holding your robe, then walk down and don your robe.

BACK to the cliffs. See the switch next to the open door, also next to the small room with the table? There's 3 barrels blocking your way, right? Well there's something special about that little golden ball of yours, if you aim it right, you can knock switches with it. Throw your ball over and hit the switch, that'll cause the gate to open and allowing you to go to the next room. Keep going through the screens, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how.. until you get to a room with some big huge furry thing called 'Tralu'. Let's tango. You can figure out your own strategies to clobbering this meanie, but my way is to go to 'Sporty' mode, and run around, only pausing to get a throw or two in. It also works to just go to 'Aggressive,' run in and clobber him.. but I like my way better, and it's also safer, because you can hide behind the rocks, though they break.

Ok, that's done. Talk to our non-friend Raph, and then lead him out. Zoe will be there, and she will be extremely pissed, but only for a minute. I mean hey, you're all-right, aren't you? Walk out with her. Now it's time to fix this storm. Walk with Zoe to the lighthouse (right next door) and watch in wonder as the wizard does his magic.

Whoa, not even I was expecting this. Aliens huh? Oh well. At least now you can go to the other island, and these guys seem harmless enough, sort of. Just stay out of their way, or they shoot you. Not any worse then your typical FBI agent. Buy a ticket for the ferry, and launch off to Desert Island. Go see the healer like you were supposed to, and ask him about the cure for your Dino-Fly. Oh, sorry, he's not home. Well, see that black striped bottle in the back?

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