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Unfortunately, the owl stole the key. So we have to get the owl. Remember the dog? The dog said that the owl used that little hole next to the house as a home, so maybe it's in there. Let's go check it out.

Well, can't kill the dog blocking it, and can't kill the owl, or the sea monster, I wonder what I should try now? I've run around and taked to everyone in the village it seems. Oh, I found the key! There is another niche next to the Burgermaster's (Burger King joke?) house, to the right of it. In there is the key. Go back to his house and open the locked cabinet. The note will help you find out where to dig to get the fragment. If you can't understand it, then try this. It says put your back to the tree, and face the bazaar.

(Not the 3 dome one, the bazaar where you baught the pickaxe) Be in Sporty mode (He said sportive) And go about 5-7 steps, until you're on the grass. Turn around and use your pickaxe. Look around that area.. You will be standing on a small patch of grass facing the tree and some rock in front of you that looks like normal ground.

On to the Ceps fragment, the last one. Well, we've gotten the Mosquiettes key, and the Wannies key, the two underground races, and we got the Franco's fragment, one uppergroung race. The only other race is the one at Otringal, which means the fragment MUST be hidden inside the emperor's house. After all, if he IS emperor, he should have one of the fragments as a sign of power, right? Go to his mansion on top of the hill, and kill the guards with your sword. One of them has a key which you can use to get inside.

Inside is what could have been a pain in the ass maze, but they decided to put the fragment in a very easy spot. Upon entering, get the key in the chest and go into the door on the top right of your screen. Keep going in that direction until you can't anymore. Then go to the top left, and go until you see the three little people in front of a double door. Get the key, go in there, and fight your way to the statue. The statue will come alive, revealing a very ugly, but even easier boss. I didn't even need protection spell, and never got hit. Go into agressive mode, and use ALT with your sword and just keep thumping him until he dies.

Now that we have all 4 fragments we have the full key, along with the last level of magic, (Woo Hoo!) and cool fireballs. On to the Dark Monk's temple, on the one and only Celebration Island. Once I got there I scaled the mountain and went into the temple in the middle. I placed the key in the center then stepped outside.. HOLY SHIT FUNFROCK'S BACK! The Dark Monk was FunFrock, back from the dead or wherever I sent him! This guy must die, I've had it up to here with his crap. Twinsen even tells him off.. 'FunFrock, you suck big time. I'm gonna take you out, and I DON'T mean for pizza!' (Yes he actually says that!) After this little talk, I'm chasing this guy down.

Go to where the pillars have risen up. Jump from pillar to pillar, then onto the book, up the arm, and into the cave. You will then see the wizards trapped in a barrier. Turn the monitors off in this order: 2, 1, 4, 3. Then hit the lever, and they will all be free. The wizards will blow an opening for you in the gate allowing you to climb heigher. There you will meet FunFrock again, and he will start to lower the children down. The chase is pretty easy to figure out, except on the 3rd floor. You will get a key, run through a gate, and you will see a green tile and two elephants but no way down. If you kill the elephants the passage will open. Chase after the children until FunFrock is walking towards the chain holding them up, and he tells you that it's too late, then put your shield on, run at him, and kill him before he can kill the children. In my game, I didn't make it, but it doesn't seem to matter.

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Little Big Adventure 2

Little Big Adventure 2
So hat alles angefangen

So hat alles angefangen

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