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That right there is Gallic acid, guaranteed to rid anything of tarnish and it even helps brighten up and repair old papers. He won't mind if you take it would he? Well, the maid doesn't seem to care, so go right ahead, and keep it safe.

Go find your inventor friend. His house is the small house next to the beach with something resembling a brown boulder next to it. Well, it's a spaceship under a tarp, but don't worry about that now. Ask him for the car part, and he'll give it to you. The maid mentioned a School of Magic, but we don't have time now for magic tricks unless necessary. Buy a ferry ticket and go back home, give the car part to your wife. She tells you Baladino (Inventor) forgot to give you a radio, so you have to go pick it up. She'll call you when the car is finished.

Remember our Neighbor friend? Go give him the bottle of Gallic acid for his son's map. That will clear the crap on it, and allow you to read it. He'll also give you his son's Pyramid Key, which will allow you to open that door in the middle of the sewers. Now go get a ticket and take the ferry back to Baladino to get his radio. Right after leaving his house, your wife calls. She tells you that she fixed the car and is bringing it to Desert Island for you. She'll leave it by the harbor and go shopping. Go pick it up, and drive around. Notice the car also comes equipped with a gun, (Press and hold ALT) and won't fall off edges. Pretty convenient.

Now it seems is the time to look around for that school of magic, as you have no other options. As you talk to the people, they seem to mention people coming from around the hotel on the left side of the island. A quick drive over there should clear things up. Inside you'll see the hotel manager, and two drunks. The manager mentions his safety for the women's sauna, and you notice a ladder behind him. Remember the snake charmer on the roof? hmm. Let's test something.

Go into the ladies sauna. Listen to those women scream. As you leave, the Manager will threaten you with your life. Start to leave, and then you'll notice that he left his area open, giving you access to the ladder. Climb the ladder and talk to the Snake Charmer. He will tell you that the School of Magic is hidden inside the Cemetery. Drive over to the cemetery. Well, it's locked.

Park the car near the gates.. and walk around the mountain to the left. Eventually, you will see two brown dead trees next to the mountain. Go up to them. under the branch of one of the trees will be your passage inside. Go inside the Cemetery, and to the second room. You can talk to the sad elephant if you want. In the second room, you will see rows of tables, and some stairs blocked by a locked door. You will also notice some strange see-through blue ghosts moving in and out of the tables. You must walk through them, but if you touch them you will get hurt. Look for a pattern in their movement. Finally you will see a treasure chest, but don't go up to it, just yet. Remember 'Indiana Jones?' This is one sensitive floor if I've ever seen one.

Tip-toe yer way up to the chest, get the key, and tip-toe back. Maneuver your way back through the bluish ghosts, and unlock the door. Run through, and talk to the mistress. Wow, times must surely be tough. Even you, Twinsen, savior of the planet must pay to join the School. Hmm. Hope you have enough cashes. If not, I know a way we can rack up some. Get back in your car, and head for the Temple of Bu, now a Theme Park.

Buy admission (or run if you want, you will have to beat up a cop though) and go to the balloon game. Hope you've been eating well, because these look like a good way into the temple. Try your luck with the dart game. It shouldn't be too hard. Once you win, take your prize. Yep, just as I thought. In we go! Ok now you should be in the passage down. You're on the top of three levels, with mushrooms on four boards below you. each of those has 30 cashes, so try to get as many as you can.

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Little Big Adventure 2

Little Big Adventure 2
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Was habt ihr nur ohne uns gemacht!?

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