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You can keep cycling too, after you leave the temple, play the dart game again and jump back in. Also, I think the more mushrooms you collect the better stuff flies down, but I'm not sure. Experiment with it if you'd like. I usually

Once you have more than enough cashes (You can always come back also) go back to the School and become a student. The Headmaster will assign you three tasks, which you must do in order to get your diploma, and he promises that during one of the tests you will receive something to help your Dino-Fly fly. Go in the back room and try the Blowgun Test. Though it looks hard, it's really not that difficult. Try your own way if you want, but here's how I did it. First, hit one marker. As it hits, turn yourself to the left a bit and throw immediately. Keep turning and throwing, and you should hit them all in succession. You will receive a dinky blowgun for your effort.

Now on to test number two, the Flower. Leave the cemetery and hop in your car. A little to the north of the Cemetery, you can see a rocky hill, two brown boards on two different hills, and a pretty yellow flower on what seems like an inaccessible hill. Well, it's accessible all right. Drive around the hill without the flower on it until you find a place that you can drive up. Drive across it and you will reach the board. When you drive over it, you will jump over to the other hill. Drive over the flower to pick it up, then head back to the School. Give the Headmaster the flower, and he will give you in return a Horn of Healing.

FINALLY, we can cure our Dino-Fly. Buy a ferry ticket (last one for a while) and go back to your Dino-Fly. Use the horn on him a few times, until he stands up and says he's ready for you to ride him. Now ride him over to the 'Island of the Dome of the Slate.'

This is the most difficult test, and requires patience, skill, a pen and a piece of paper. (You'll find out why in a second) When you land on the island, you will find yourself outside the dome.

To the left of the door is a sign, and on the right is a placard. READ THE PLACARD, your life depends on it! Well, it's not really much of a placard is it. It is the entire maze. Copy this down on your paper SQUARE BY SQUARE. Or if you feel REALLY bored, go without it. Entering the Dome, you will see that the entire maze is invisible save for the square you're currently standing on. Go through the maze, picking up the items if you want them. After leaving the Dome, the Wizard will appear outside and give you a Magic Slate, so you can copy all maps you see onto it for future reference. He also invites you back to the school.

Fly back to Desert Island, and head for the Cemetery. Go on in, and talk to the Headmaster. He gives you your Wizard's license. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a costume for you to use, so you'll have to go and get it from the flying salesman. He usually flies around the hotel, so look over there for him. When you see him, show him your license. He'll sell you an outfit and a beard for 50 cashes. If you don't have the money, go and get it from the Temple of Bu like before. Once you're wearing your wizard's costume and beard, people won't be able to tell you apart from the other wizards, which will help, because the Headmaster asked you to locate his other wizards who have just recently disappeared. Before you do anything else, go to the Temple of Bu and MAKE SURE you have more than 120 cashes, you will NEED them later.

Start asking people about the wizards disappearing. They will tell you they last saw them at the hotel, talking about some sort of meeting. Head over there and towards the sauna, when an alien stops you and asks you to join him. Well, you're looking for the wizards aren't you? And he knows where they are, doesn't he? These are the times when heroes must trust their own guts and go blindly, knowing full

well that if this guy does anything, you'll mash him into a pancake. Hmm.. the old secret-base-under-the-gentleman's-sauna.. how original. Well they loaded you onto their spacecraft, and you're flying towards their home planet now. Pick up the translator on the floor of the spaceship so you can talk to them, and then go to the tourist booth on the ship, it's the far left terminal. Upon landing, they'll ask you to follow them, so, do it.

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