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My mistake, but it doesn't seem like you have a choice now anyway, there's just too many of them to deal with. Go into the room, and follow them up the shaft.

Oh sorry I thought I lost you. So you were arrested huh? It seems they've been looking for you for some strange reason. Joe will come and talk to you in your cell, and tells you about the missing wizards. So it seems these guys aren't really as nice as they seemed. They want to kidnap Twinsun's children! This will cause the guard to flip and try to stick him back in his cell. Pound the guard. Now that you know where the wizards are, it's time to get back home. Besides, you got to save those children!

You can free the Fly if you want. Beat up all the guards, then run down to the main area with the two force fields next to them. Hit both switches, but go down, not into the small room to the front, it's a guard room. I can sense 3 guards in there just waiting for you. When you get out, you will be fenced in a small area with a robot. Kill the robot, and he'll destroy a nice exit for you. Exit through the hole and run around towards the alien dogs' kennel. Go through the kennel to the building on the other side.

Make your way down the corridors and past all the guards, because time matters now. When you get out, you'll notice you're at the shuttle port. Two guards will notice you. Start running, or fight them. Head for the spaceship! Ok we're in the spaceship now, but something's missing. Why isn't it working? If you remember what the first ship looked like, you'll notice the little disk that looks like a gear is missing from the third terminal, I guess this is their key.

If you remember what the first ship looked like, you'll notice the little disk that looks like a gear is missing from the third terminal, I guess this is their key.

Exit the shuttle, and head for the tall building near the shuttles. Pummel the guards and head for the top. AHA! There it is. See it over there on the right, turning? You'll have to beat up the guard and maybe even the two scientists to get it, but you must get it. Get the key, and you can fool around with the levers if you want to, causing some other spaceships to crash. Head back down the tower, out the tower, and run into the spaceship. Place the disk in it's slot and blast off back home.

Looks like you need a little work on your landing. The ship's smashed, but you made it alright. Zoe should call around now and tell you the bad news, you're too late. Not only have the aliens took the children, but they also took control of the island!

! Head home, and Zoe will tell you that Baladino wants you to join him on the Emerald Moon. He also left you a jetpack in Package Claim, which you might want to pick up.

Off to Baggage Claim. This is why you saved all that money from before, because it's a lot harder than it looks. The man behind the desk will let you in. Once down there, you have two options. 1) Try to get the box yourself (Never completed it) or 2) Pay the man lying down 102 cashes to move it himself. I did the second one after countless hours of playing with the package. Now, you can hover over water as long as you don't fall.. you have to go off a shore or a gradual dip in order to hover over the water.

Now we have to figure out a way to get a spaceship and go to the Emerald Moon. Zoe told you that the Aliens took over the Temple theme park and turned it into their base, so chances are you can find a decent spaceship in there. Before you go however, there are a couple things you need to do first. The Weather Wizard was saying how if he had a special pearl he could cast a lightning spell, and there is also local rumors of a protective spell on an island off of Desert Island. But first, the pearl. On Desert Island, next to the harbor, is an alien with a gun behind some boxes, and a trash can over off further. In between them is a small path that you can walk through which leads to a wooden dock. On the dock is a bell. Ring the bell and a small turtle will come up to you, and offer you a ride into a small cave.

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