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When you're inside, you should see one big mother of an oyster behind a pit of spikes. You can't jump, but you can fly. Use your jetpack and hover over to the oyster, and take the pearl.

Have you ever looked through the telescope on top of the hotel on Desert Island? If so, you recall seeing a small cave on an island? Go over to the hotel, and when you can see the island, use your jetpack to cruise across the ocean to the small cave. Inside, you'll have to go find a place to land, while avoiding bats and fireballs. If anything touches you, in the water you will go, so be careful! When you land, You should see some skeletons, which you should kill, and two wooden crates. This part gets tricky.

The idea is (once the bad guys are gone) to stack the two wooden crates on top of each other, on the upper level to the right so you can jump up to the top small passage. Only those of you actually IN the area at the time of reading this will understand what I'm saying. You can do it any way you want, but what I did was move one box onto the elevator on the right. Then I went to the other elevator (jumped the pit of spikes) and threw my ball at the switch. Up at the top I pushed the other crate so it would fall on top of the crate below it. I went into 'Discreet' mode and hit the switch on the floor with my ball, and jumped on the boxes as they rose up.

After you pass this, the rest should be pretty simple. Keep going until you find an area with a wooden walkway down, and a big nasty demon with a spiked back walking around, guarding something locked in a cage with bars of Ice. Again, kill this any way you want, but what I did was stay at the top, go in 'Discreet' mode, and toss my ball down hitting him. When he spat at me, I ran behind the wall, then repeated until I killed him. The thing in the cage is the protection spell, definitely worth the effort, since it can be used while flying in the hoverjet.

With the pearl, go back to Citadel Island and drop the pearl in the not-boiling cauldron in the Weather Wizard's Tent. You should now get the lightning spell which you can use to get Sendell's ball from the Sewers. Head for the Tavern, and in there, kill the guards. Grab the key from behind the kegs in the bar, and enter the cellar. You can't see it, but follow the path around until you fall in a hole, in the center of the sewer. If you don't have full magic you can get more by searching the pot and barrel. Put the pyramid key down on the pad and enter the cave. You will see a big ice ball in the center. The only way to open it is with the lightning spell, which you can only use with full magic power. Keep going out and getting more magic if you're not full yet. Then use the lightning on the sphere to get Sendell's Ball.

Now onto getting off your planet and getting on the Emerald Moon. Go to the New alien base (AKA Temple of Bu Theme Park) And go inside the cave (Since you can't go down the well again) Ride on that little trolley thing. Now this gets hard to explain. The point is to direct yourself (1) Towards the road that takes you down a level and (2) To where you get the key. You can fix where the cart will go by hitting the arrows with your magic ball. That's really all I can say, and you don't really get hurt, it's just time consuming. Once you get the key, hop off the trolley and look for a ladder and a door. Go in the door.

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