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You are now in the center of the Alien base. Right takes you to a boat, which my guess takes you to the sauna, but I'm not sure I never rode it. If you go Left (Left side of the screen) You will pass a locked door, and end up in a sleeping quarters where two guards are out cold. Kill them in their sleep if you can, or when they wake up. Search their stuff to find a key, and go back and open the locked door.

Now we're heading deeper into the base. Kill or avoid the aliens as you go through this maze. You should see the spaceship on the left when crossing a small bridge, go to it if you want. You will see that a) You don't have that darn key, and b) There's some sort of suit in there.

You can't use the suit yet, but it sure looks important. Go out and continue across the bridge to an elevator. Those of you who played LBA1, this is where the spiked rolling pin fell down and chased you through the temple of Bu. Now there is an electrical bridge. For fun, walk on it, but if you don't want to die fly over it, turning it off when you get to the other side. Kill the guard, take his key and open the chest. Now you have the spaceship key. More guards will run after you now, and simply turn the bridge on again when they are on it, then turn it off when they're fried. Go back to the spaceship and blast off!

Upon landing, the door blocking the spacesuit will open. Walk into it, and then walk outside. No one knows you're not an alien, so feel free to talk to the men outside, they will tell you where to go. Go to the welcome booth, and now that your suit is off, you must kill the guard. Look at the map on the north-right wall and it will copy itself onto your magic slate. It will also tell you where Baladino is being held. Turn all the switches from Red to Green so you can go freely through the base. Go to his cell, and free him and his alien friend. Now make a dash for it.

Oh no, they got the Alien engineer! Remember what he says, head for Island CX! Upon leaving, you should find yourself stranded on the Esmer's original planet, Zurich. (I think that's what it's called anyway) Your inventor needs some special Gas for you to go on, and he can also boost your pack. When you ask around about Island CX, the only one who will take you there is a drunken old man who charges 100 zlitos for a trip. Start searching through trash cans or pawn some of the stuff you have now until you have 7 zlitos, and go inside the casino. If you run out of money, you can go outside and search the trash again.

Keep playing until you have around 75-80. The game won't let you get 100, because you have to do something else first. Have you won the super jackpot yet? It's the key which lets you go into the golden room next door. When you enter, you'll see an alligator dressed in a game show getup who will invite you to spin the wheel for your fortune, so go for it.

Wow, that looked like it hurt. Sorry about that. But now, it's personal. No one can treat the savior of Twinsun like that and get away with it, right? Time to go back in there and 'regulate.' Go back in the casino when you have enough zlitos, and keep betting again until you get 75-80, and a key. Go back in there, and instead of spinning the wheel, start bombing on the host. His friend will drop down again, and so you have to fight them both. Even though you don't loose energy, a few hits and you're thrown out of here.

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