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My best idea would be to use the protection spell and pick one of them to attack, then when he's out you can get the other with less of a problem.

Hmm, once you beat them up, a new area opened up. However, your jetpack isn't powerful enough to get you across that pit, so we'll have to wait until we get the special gas. Go back to the sailor now and pay him, and he will instead take you to the 'Island of Celebration,' the island where the Dark Monk is supposedly from. This time the guards recognize you, and you'll have to fight your way to the top in order to talk with the CX survivor, the salesman who the sailor was telling you about. He will tell you that Mike's gang in the bar on the base will take you to CX.

Go back to the base. Go in the bar and ask around for Mike. Since they won't let you see him by choice, you need to use force. The guards can be killed from a distance or up close (The guards who are the only ones LOOKING like pirates) and I suggest using the ball. When you kill the one with the key, go in the room up the stairs and talk to Mike.

Time to find someone else. Mike will tell you that he can't take you there, but someone in the Hotel in upperground can take you there. Unfortunately, the upper area is closed now, so we'll have to do something else. Why not take the time to go looking for the gas? Talk to the Gas Station's owner to find out that there's no more gas left, and the shipment from the Gas Refinery Island hasn't come yet. Ask the taxi driver to fly you there.

When you arrive, you'll notice that they are all digging for something. It seems they have lost a fragment of some sort, and can't continue the ceremony without it. If you go to the infirmary, you'll see it was turned into a day care. Talking to the only older child will reveal that he has lost the key to his parent's closet, and a mechanical owl took the key. Also you should buy the Pickaxe that the lady is selling, it will help you later. But though it doesn't look like you can get in, you can. Next to the refinery are two pipes. Inspection of the fence shows that it's been bent down here. You can jump on the lower pipe, then over the fence.

Inside the Gas Refinery comes a new danger. You have to watch for sprays of deadly fumes that can even knock you into the labs. It's very difficult, but it can be done. In the beginning, you must turn the wheels then jump across the gas pit. Every time you turn a wheel, a fume pipe will either turn off permanently or for a limited time. Just keep trying and proceed through the maze. There are little red panels on the walls with keys inside them, just go up to them and use ACTION to open the case. One room before you get to the gas, you will see a chain door and dogs behind it, along with manure. (EWW!) Turn off the steam shooter, and throw your ball at the Scientist. He has a key for you, once you kill him. You can get the key with your ball, it seems to home in on keys and pick them up for you. Once you get the gas, exit the refinery and give the gas to Baladino.

Baladino will rev up your Proto-Pack, making you fly higher and faster. Now there's two ways to get to the Hotel. 1) Go into the casino, and go to the back room. Fly over the water and open the door. You'll be behind the casino, and fly down the water and veer right. Follow the path to the top. 2) Kill the guards blocking the bridge, and walk behind the casino. Use the jetpack to fly over the river to the other side, and walk up the path to the top.

Once you're at the top, find the hotel. Inside, there will be a bellboy who won't let you in. Kill him and take his key. *Rule of Thumb* I know I should of mentioned this earlier, but there's a way to know who you can and who you can't kill.

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