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When you hit someone and star(s) come out, you can kill them. The more stars, the more damage. If stars do not appear either you can't kill them at all, or you need a more powerful ball. Ask around for Mr. Jhonny Rocket. He will be reclining next to the pool. Follow him to his room when he asks.

Mr. Rocket will tell you YET AGAIN that he himself can't take you there, but the owner of the souvenir shop on the home base can. He gives you a ring which shows that you are a rebel against Dark Monk, and identifies yourself to all the Dissidents. Go back to the main Island, and to the Twinsunian souvenir shop. Show him your ring. Also, buy the Memory Reviewer. He will open a secret panel behind him, and you will meet with your fellow rebels downstairs.

After talking with them, they will send you to the Island of Francos to go down the elevator to the under-gas. They will also give you a laser gun, but you need a crystal from the Lava on the Island of Celebration.

First let's get the weapon. There are again 2 ways to get the crystal. (1) Go to the Island of Celebration, and climb it. Next to the building is the top of the volcano. use your jet pack to fly across the lava, and climb down the ladder. fly over to the crystals with the protection shield on, (Sea Monster rises) chip a piece off with the pickaxe, and fly back up and around. (2) Go to the Island of Celebration. Next to the boat is some water. Kill the guards, and fly over the water around the mountain. You will see lava drip down. with the jet fly up the last lava flow, and land on a rock that's coasting down. Jump from the rock to the ladder, and climb the ladder. Use the jet + protection spell to get to the crystals.

Chip a piece, then fly back. Now your gun should be fully charged and set on 'Shake - n - Bake', let's go out and kick some ass.

Now off to the elevator on the Island of the Francos. Hop the fence again, and ready your laser pistol. Make your way towards the west harbor base (The area you haven't been to) and go inside the hallway. You should see two closed doors, and switches on the far end. Kill the guards, then shoot the switches to open the doors. The correct combination from Left to Right is: Up, Down, Up, Down. You will get to the harbor. This is pretty simple, run to the big catamaran and sail to the Elevator to the Under-Gas.

When you get there, you will be on a small little Island. In front of the door will be a HUGE 4 armed Gorilla. Brace yourselves and save, this one's even harder than he looks. I'm not sure if it's the right way, but it worked for me, and I only died once. What he does is pick up crates and hurl them at you, or just simply smack you very hard. I kept shooting him with the laser gun, and occasionally if you time it right he will throw the crate to the side, or miss you. I also shot the crate in his hands once or twice. But this guy is TOUGH. Once you kill him, you'll get a key to the inside.

Go into the elevator and down to the underground world. Kill the scientist (I call the guys in white scientists) and open up the laser field by hitting the big red switch with your ball in 'Discreet' mode. Now you are open to a whole new world under the planet, and excuse the pun, but it's hell down here.

You need to somehow make your way over to the Mosquiettes village.

Run past the Construction Co. Building and into the mine on the right. I don't know why this part is useful yet, but it REALLY seems useful. In the mine, go through and try to find ALL the gems. You can also pick up a glove that lets you catch and throw fireballs, along with a fragment of the key. Great place to test out your flying abilities with your Super Proto-Pack, and don't forget to use the Protection spell over lava!

I retrieved all this stuff then left the mine, finding nothing better to do. Continuing down the path, past the Oil Rig,

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