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And Ferriman (Since he wasn't there) I found another cave. Inside was a man asking for a slice of tart. Continuing through I found some mice-men who made the tart for me, and after fainting from the bad taste I gave it to him. He gave me a key to the Dark Monk's chapel, so I went in. Inside, I found a man and two boys. The man told me that in order to talk to the ferriman, I have to seek out his housemaid and tell the maid to teach me the song.

The maid taught me the song of the Ferriman. I called the ferriman and gave 4 gems, and he took me across to the Mosquiettes Island to talk to them. Once I was there, I picked up another gem on the shore and talked to the first Mosquiette I saw. He took me to see the queen. I showed her my ring of dissidents and she promised to help me as long as I passed her test of truth.

Then I called the Boatmen and paid him, ad headed for Volcano Island. Sure enough, after careful examination, I found a few of them hidden in a cave on Volcano island, but the queen was gone. They took her to the Building Company on the main island, so that's where I headed.

Inside the Building comany (Front door, the side just takes you to an empty warehouse) I made my way through, and if you need money beat up the manager and push the statue to the side. He has 150 zlitos in there, and it refreshes every time. There is this door you can not pass because every time you go through the gate it closes. Well, I have a better idea. It's creative, tricky, but like they say in the movies, 'It's so crazy it just might work.'

Go back to the mine with the gems, near the Building Company. Do you see the conveyor belt? Well, there's a belt in the warehouse, and also a ladder up there. Those boxes HAD to come from somewhere, don't they? I jumped on the belt and it took me to a room where a worker was boxing the jewels, and shipping them off. I killed him, then hopped in a box. Be VERY careful here though! Both levers have to be UP, or else the lid might go on top of the box, sealing you inside.

Once in the warehouse, I jumped onto the heigher boxes and over to the ladder. If you don't catch it, you can simply go back to the mine and go over again. Aha! The ladder lead to the roof. From there I hopped over to the other building, and landed inside the prisoner's cell! The Queen gave me the key to the passage. Remember how when you were escaping from the Mosquiette Island, you saw the empty throne room? Well, the chair had a keyhole, I think that's the passage. I'm going to go check it out.

Well I got good news and bad news. The good news is, I was right, that throne DOES lead to the passage. The bad news, is that the throne isn't empty now. When I finally made my way there, I found two gunmen guarding another of those hired assassins, this one a big goblin with some armor and a sword. I used the protection spell while I killed the two guards, then again when I charged the big guy. I lost one or two lives, but I've got 9 boxes now I think so I'm doing fine. Besides, if you save a lot, you don't need clovers anyway. Off down the passage I go.

Now I am on island CX. It was a small passage, but now I'm on the island itself, FINALLY. I searched around, went through the bottom floor door until I found a way to climb up, then went inside the center. After going around there, I finally met the Emperor (I think) I killed him, but he hit the switch to trigger the moon! Now the moon's heading towards my planet!

It turns out that some guy APPEARED and said he would be Dark Monk, so he must be relatively new. After the reactor was started, Sendell told me to get the 4 fragments of the key, kill Dark Monk, and go back to the well of Sendell. So off I go. I also grabbed the Emperor's sword, sweet little thing.

If you've been following this, you should have two fragments allready, the Mosquiettes, and the Wannies. Which leaves the Francos fragment, and one other. Let's go get the Francos one. Both of the two fragments should be in the upper area, so we have to go ALL the way back through the underworld and up the elevator to get there.

Once you get to the Francos village, it's time to remember some things from your previous visit. Everyone is looking for the fragment. The only one who KNEW where it was has been eaten by a monster. People think he left a clue in his cabinet.

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Little Big Adventure 2

Little Big Adventure 2
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