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1.) Okay, a few quick notes: One, the game has four possibilities for the identity of The Ripper. Which one you're in when you startis random; you don't actually KNOW which one you're in until Act III. In addition, there are several different difficulty levels; varying the level varies the difficulty of the puzzles. There are also some cheat codes that can be used to bypass certain segments of the game (namely the combats and a few puzzles). All of these will be detailed as I go along. And if you don't like Blue Oyster Cult's 'Don't Fear The Reaper' and cringe at the sight of blood, you're playing the WRONG GAME. Go get King's Quest Eight Billion or something instead.

2.) Watch the intro segment. You wind up at the murder scene. Talk to the photographer. Go through all the dialogue choices. Talk to Lt. Vince Magnotta (Walken). Go through all the dialogue choices. Magnotta breaks a mug. Use your WAC to scan the broken mug into the database. You'll get a signal from Catherine Powell on the WAC. Reconstruct the mug in the WAC database; use the left mouse button to arrange the pieces and the right mouse button to rotate them in the proper direction. Then click on the completed mug; you'll get the word 'Salisbury.' Go to the World Map and go to the Newsroom. You wind up automatically going to Catherine's apartment, where she stumbles in, says 'Ripper,' and collapses...awww, how sweet. Not only that, but YOU do a pretty nice job of cursing your head off! This is the end of the prologue...don't worry; it gets harder. A LOT harder.

3.) In the police station, talk to the desk sergeant. Ask him about everything. Go to the evidence room. Talk to the guy behind the counter; be nasty to get the info you need...ya gotta go talk to Magnotta. Oh joy. Go to Magnotta's office. Scan the document with Magnotta's signature on it into your WAC. You'll also find a file about an investigation into a murder-Hamilton Wofford...scan this into the WAC as well. Talk to Magnotta when he comes in and ask him about the Wofford case, leads, Catherine's condition, and the WAC...well, he won't give it to you, but at least you know he's got it. Now go to Meta-Cog (the medical center) and talk to the receptionist. Ooh, I LIKE her outfit! Anyway, go through all the subject choices.

Go to the elevator and push the button for 'Wards.' Go to the right and go to the ICU lab. Talk to Dr. Burton (da bitch) & go through all subject choices. After she takes off, talk to Dr. Bud Cable, who's a lot friendlier. Once you're done with him, turn right & check out the video medical log, & press the Play button. Head back out & go to the elevator. Go to the basement. Talk to Vic Farley (the guy doing the autopsy on the naked, gutted woman...gee, LOVELY images in this game...) Go through all dialogue choices, then turn to the corpses & click on each one to find out all sorts of neat stuff about how the Ripper is killing his (or HER, hint, hint) victims...then exit Meta-Cog, and go to the Police Station again. Talk to Magnotta and ask him about Joey Falconetti and Clare Burton.

Exit the station and go to the Cafe Duchamp. Talk to Gambit Nelson & go through all dialogue choices. Then talk to the bartender to find out more about Gambit. Exit there and go to the newsroom. Talk to your boss, Ben Dodds, and go through all dialogue choices. Go check out Catherine's desk. Note her calculator and her Rolodex. Make notes on the names on the Rolodex in your WAC (really important! Especially Soap Beatty & George Rhodes). Go find your own desk (from the entrance, go ahead, then right) and read the note Catherine wrote. Now for some real fun...

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