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22.) At Meta-Cog, go to ICU. The Ripper 'shows up' on the monitors & speakers and tells you to go to the Virtual Library. Deck in through the computer port and go to the Virtual Library. You'll pick up the Ripper book and go to Virtual Whitechapel. You'll wind up with a series of tarot cards. Click on them to discover what they are...and Blue Oyster Cult starts up in the background again, so, for those of you who AREN'T fans, place the cards down in the order 'Seasons,' 'Fear,' 'Reaper,' 'Wind,' 'Sun,' 'Rain.' Put 'em in this order and the Weapon will assemble. You will walk to a ring in the center of Virtual Whitechapel and be confronted with your four suspects.

When the mouse cursor becomes a glowing orb icon, it's ready to be used as the Weapon. When you see the suspect who IS the Ripper, click the orb on them to win the game. So...who IS the Ripper? Well, in case you didn't figure it out from all the clues along the way. If you're in Scenario 1, Dr. Burton is the Ripper. If you're in Scenario 2, Falconetti is the Ripper. If you're in Scenario 3, Magnotta is the Ripper. If you're in Scenario 4, Catherine is the Ripper (No, REALLY!) In any case, that's all, folks...GAME OVER, MAN!

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